Stories of tee-shirts

As I travel to places in the world, most of the time I came across the opportunity for shopping. And when the opportunity present itself, I would purchase a tee shirt for me. At least 1 tee shirt I will take home, and wear them back in Bali. Why a tee shirt? Because most of the time -with Bali climate- I would wear tee shirts! These tee shirts will be a memento that I held close, of memories I spent at the places I visited, the air, the colors, the smell, the sound, PRICELESS!

Once a friend of mine while hashing, blurted our to a foreign visitor that came for a jungle run wearing shirt, jeans and 'basically' heels and offer MY tee shirt to them without even consulting with me. She just said 'oh you can give them your extra tee shirt that you brought with you to them, you can buy another'... what the F**K   ...   At the end of the day, I private message her to NEVER do that again. Most of my tee shirts are bought outside of Bali, and its memento.

What about you guys? what you hold precious and hold special from your travels?

From Chatuchak weekend market in Thailand, love JJ tee shirt, see post here

When Universal opened in Singapore, I visited the place with my best friend, we had a blast!
Post here

Obviously this is my fave JJ tee shirt, post here

When I visited Barcelona with my hubby...

Me and my sister visited Singapore, we had a fantastic time of sisterly bonding, just the two of us!

Visiting Cambodia with my besties! This is one of the moment that I cherished! looove it!
Post here

Visited Malang first biggest FO opening, was going crazy in this shop!

Yet another visit to Jogja with my besties, post here here and here

A very special one of a kind tee shirt that is hand painted, gifted by my father in 2008, painting of my favorite place to visit! Now tell me guys, seriously you wanted to give such precious away???

A visit to Bandung, a friend of my cousin is having a baby and she wanted me to come visit them, we fly to Jakarta and spent great times shopping in Bandung!

From my trip in China with my hubby, post here

Sesame Street tee shirt, I have blast with my cousin!

Bondi beach tee shirt

plain tee shirt from various places like Singapore, India & Australia
Post of India shirt purchased in New Delhi here

thank you all for stopping by and viewing the post...


  1. wowww that's so nice!!! I love your collection of t-shirts :)

  2. These are all great souvenirs Grace. Sometimes I invest in tees and other times I don't. And when I don't my excuse is usually - I will be back. Great collection you have, :)))).

  3. lovely
    new post:http://melodyjacob1.blogspot.com/2015/08/shirt-dress-and-bowtie.html

  4. Oh my, what a story, Grace! Glad you still have your tee. ;)
    I love printed tees and have a lot of them stucked in my closet. You wouldn't believe but I wore a Mickey Mouse shirt last weekend with my bf jeans. Love your collection. Happy Monday, dear!

    xoxo Ira

  5. that is awesome Ira... would love to see your collection! will visit your blog soon to see Mickey+bf jeans!

  6. thank you all for the lovely comments...