Southern Sunset

What are you folks up to? Well... I am up to beautiful things last weekend, we went to the southern part of Bali to visit the Bukit area. We visited GWK, Uluwatu Temple and ended up having dinner by the Jimbaran bay. Too bad there's no images from the dinner, we were all hungry, exhausted from jumping from one place to another; we just want to have an easy quiet time and possibly happy belly ;-)  Here are the images from the visit, 

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and PS: Gong Xi... Gong Xi... Gong Xi.... Gong Xi Fa Cai, Happy Chinese New Year, 
may it be a prosperous year of Horse!


top body and soul | pants hassenda | belt j-crew | flat wimo


office attire

I was just attempting to clean up my closet (again), but was not successful since I am too lazy to sort all the stuff at the moment... upon cleaning, I stumble into this old pair of super comfy and thin and cool pants. I mean literally cool, since it is 100% cotton and super thin. This pants (along with another two -in white and in greyish blue) were made to order. It was made to fight the heat on our Bali dry season (can reach 38C-40C), but yet it has to be presentable (covering enough so I don't have the problem with the law being 'indecent exposure').
Here goes outfit of the day!
this one image is so me, its like "okay, thats it folks, gotta run now!" haha....

what you are looking at are,
1-set of grey office attire 
2-a gift of Belgium finest
3-casual dinner tonight welcoming resident artist at work (Risotto not pictured)
4-eat clay love
6-found this project photo shot in Uluwatu, was a fun time ... ahhh the memories... "shell and me"
7-stress free drive to the office
8-another stress free drive to the office
9-Bali life and the ceremony
10-dupe number, Mirror by JT was playing

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Tanah, the soil

My office attire is a collection from Tanah. Tanah is bahasa word that means "soil".
The collections are about comfort and natural fabric. 100% bamboo cotton, here goes my ootd.
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Camo night

So I had a fantastic weekend, running the jungle as usual with Bali Hash House Harriers and my cousin from Holland, lunching, dinning, meet up with my besties, coffee break, lunching again and last Sunday I went to the evening service at church. This is what I wore. I wish you all had a fantastic weekend too!

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A Yellow Affair

I surprisingly have a lot of dinner invitation from friends, colleague and family. Some invite me for birthday dinner, some for welcome dinner, some for farewell dinner and some just to catch up! Today's outfit is what I wore in a welcome dinner invitation, all yellow and almost a yellow croc skin pumps and than I said to my self that its to much ;)
Well.. some people come into your life, some people stay, and some leave... now I just want to welcome and hope the short period of stay is a memorable and pleasant one!

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minimal pants | nevada top | body & soul belt | nine west heels



Flashback to the days when we partied a lot, I just missed my best friends a lot and so I decided to post these images of us watching the world music award concert. It was so much fun and we always had a great time. I missed how we played pimp and ho (don't ask!). Or did all the bad but fun things (things that I would not recommend)... ahhh... those days....