ID Club House

Still in Malang city, and we are visiting the Istana Dieng club house for fun stuff such as swimming, dinner, bowling and some billiard... was such a fun day!



I currently fly out Bali to visit my parents in East Java.  My mom decided not to visit Bali this May and so she has asked me to come to visit her instead. Why not? Yesterday we passed these graffiti walls and I immediately want to snap a picture in this area. The community called them-selves the Vandal Artist, I just call them artists :)



Just me and my timer today, opted for this flowy dress, my outfit of the day...
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Current design crush Didit Prasetyo SS2014


Flores [unpublished]

This is yet another series of the unpublished post that I entry. I have changed descriptions of my profile by mentioning about my travel a bit.... the fact that most of my time all I did was just travel, all the money that I made are spent on travelling... and how I love travelling within Indonesia! I know some of you might say, "yeah sure, she's Indonesian, she just want to promote her country, whatever" but really guys. I am not being biased here, travelling in Indonesia from one island to another is like hoping from one country to another country, without even show your passport or getting a visa. And the most convenient thing about it, is that I can speak Bahasa Indonesia (national language) although I am on another island. The diversity in culture, language (300 languages 600 dialects), and religion... its beyond words...
I am probably only travel 20% of my country, and there is still so much to see and learn. I promised myself I will not be slack on it! 

And now, the post on my trip to Flores. I hope this is not the longest post you all ever read, but feel free to just browse the images, you know I can ramble on....

We are flying to Labuan Bajo. Labuan Bajo is the jump off city to get to Rinca Island and Komodo island (by boat) to visit Komodo Dragon.

It was quiet a funny flight for us, as we are flying propeller plane with 2 seats on the right and 2 seats on the left. I have several experience flying Fokker, but this one is quiet funny as we are treated as if we are flying 737 at the least. It was clean and as organized though! The view from atop was great! We approach LBJ (labuan bajo) and we arrived in the small airport.Was a nice flight.

Landing LBJ airport and leave the small airport, we experience a very funny incident. I was walking out the airport with my backpack and couldnt find the gate! All was locked and I was confused! We tried to find the right gate to go out and couldnt! Turned out that the gate is right in front of us, BUT to go out that gate, we first have to ask the officers in the airport to open the lock and let us out. Huh???? Yup! and so we were picked up by our tour guide.

And to make this blog shorter and more informative, here are the destinations:
1st day: LBJ boat,
we so deserve this banana fritters after all that swimming... :P
we boat ride and snorkle in one of the beach on the way to Rinca island
Kalong island, island of thousands of fruit bats

After dinner on board the boat, we stay on board the boat by the Rinca pier, stay overnight on the boat

2nd day: RINCA,

breakfast on board the boat
trekking Rinca island, Komodo dragon spotting, and of course there are others wild animals around with beautiful scenery... fantastic view.
Komodo Dragon (Varanus komodoensis), also known as the Komodo monitor, is a large species of lizard found in the Indonesian islands Komodo, Rinca island, Flores island, Gili motang and Padar island. It is a member of the monitor lizard family (Varanidae). It is the largest living species of lizard, growing to a maximum length of 3 metres (10 ft) in rare cases and weighing up to approximately 70 kilograms (150 lb). Read about it more here
lunch break on board the boat and,
Pink beach (the beach is literally pink!!!!)

we are back to LBJ & stayed in this very nice hotel, Puri Beach Hotel. No picture of the hotel but then  we had dinner in hotel

3rd day: RUTENG - BAJAWA

drive to Ruteng
spiderweb rice terrace at Golo Cara Village

continue drive to Bajawa and stayed overnight at the Bintang Wisata Hotel, again no picture of the hotel.
But we had dinner in one of the restaurant, within walking distance from the hotel. It was really cold here (16C)

4th day: BAJAWA - ENDE - MONI

visit the old tribe and villages, the Ngada tribe

lunch at the Nanga Penda beach in Ende, had a great cakalang bbq fish 
blue turquoise volcanic pebble beach, Nanga beach

drive to Moni and we stayed in the Kelimutu Crater Lakes Ecolodge, we had a fantastic bungalows...
and the dinner at the hotel.... whoaaa... fantastic food!

5th day: MONI - KELIMUTU 3 colored lake - MAUMERE

woke up early and trekking / hiking to reach the top of the mountain, waited for the sunrise, verybeautiful view of the 3 colored volcanic lake.  We did some trekking in the Kelimutu National Park, beautiful flora around the National Park.
Moni traditional market -very interesting market day

Then we drive to Maumere & arrived at the Sea World Club, our hotel for the night by the Waiara beach

6th day: relax and getting ready to fly back to Bali!

living life to the fullest, enjoy the new experience and be grateful of life presence presented to you!

thank you all for viewing the post, some of you might have a question or two, feel free to write below in the comments box and I will for sure answer them promptly!