Contemplating 2013

 Did you contemplate at this end of the year? Any new year's resolutions? With or without new year's resolutions, I wish you all a very happy and successful 2014...

sepatuholig - Grace


Rain won't stop me

All I want was just high tea time at Alila Soori, and the rain decided to visit, oh well....

thank you all for stopping by and viewing the post...


Christmas dinner, our tradition

Years after years... and we are still keeping the tradition, our Christmas dinner.
Merry Christmas all... I wish you a very joyful Christmas Eve...

peace on earth....

dress H&M  |  heels Charles & Keith  |  clutch Forever 21  |  cape was a Christmas gift that night by LIFLIG


Christmas celebration

my take on this Christmas celebration with ex-colleagues is double snake skin...

I have been invited to the annual Christmas gatherings from the old office, as usual there are Christmas songs, mass, praying, Santa and kiddies goodies... quiet a festive one and I am enjoying it.

Merry Christmas all....
Happy Holidays...
Peace on earth!



Step into the light

The title of this post is based on this photos where I am standing in the shades instead of stepping into the lights, well...can't complain much.... I hope your Christmas plans are great guys... Mine will be a fantastic and interesting one, posts to follow! 

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Recharge party, the last for 2013

This is it! these are days where parties never stop and my life is kind of hectic. Between works, back to back calendar of events... I am really swarmed! Lucky I still have time to think about taking some evident's of my existence and my presence in these events. Here are images from last Recharge Party, enjoy the images guys.....

was a great party all! we are enjoying it.... thank you all for viewing...


dress designed by me  |  heels Zara  |  clutch Elizabeth  |  sterling silver & smokey quartz necklace designed by me  |  watch Gc watch


[last] Sunday Church

Sundays in December are mostly cloudy with a chance of raining... at least Christmas is near though, and I am really looking forward to it! Its gonna be awesome since I already had some parties lined up...wott wott?

how the shoes look exposed to the sun...

thank you all for viewing the post, a little bit late because of all this Christmas season calling for such happy and hectic occasion ... ho ho ho! Hope you all had a happy Sunday!