Green Village

Green Village with 10 bamboo houses that are built along the terraced slopes of the Ayung River in Bali, is a community of unique homes. Each home is custom designed and rigorously engineered to embody the strengths and versatility of bamboo. There are total of 4 types of bamboos used in each constructions. I think photos are more appropriate enough to better explain visually, and if you want more images, you can go and browse  http://greenvillagebali.com/homes/

Today I played tourist and visited Garden House and Temple House.

I love that lush and green surroundings...


John Hardy Jewelry

It is super easy to play tourist when you live in Bali. A couple of days ago, I joined a group of potters –visiting the John Hardy Jewelry showroom & workshop. Having had working at the John Hardy Inc. in the past, it is always nice to visit and see your ex-colleagues again. John Hardy jewelries is a truly a tribute to the traditions and artistry of Bali. The designs are fitting representation of the brand characteristic spirit of a culture, era, and community manifested in its beliefs and aspirations. It is aesthetically beautiful to the core!



It is the time in my life that there's just more than a few person that I met, many things that I heard, dozens of movies that I saw these couple of months—that touched my life. I am striving to stay awake to be in the moment, I soak all the smell, the view and the sound—then I captured the moments when they come. It so happened that the moments in my life are mountaintops! Enjoy the picture after the jump.
unplanned: all grey
salted caramel peanut butter gelato


Ripped Number

Ohhh... I was in a movie date and my bestie was quiet surprised that I wore a pair of pants. "Was I always been naked?". She laughed, she said that either a short dress or short pants for movie date. So I told her that tonight is -I feel like- night and so this ripped pants was happened to be hanging around. First time for outfit before footwear.. haha... 

thank you all for stopping by and viewing the post...