Church Outfit

Did you guys noticed the new face of my blog? I just want to keep you all coming back and never get bored with my posts. I respect all of my visitors thus I constantly thrive to do my best in presenting....

And this Sunday, is one of that post that went like hashtag what I wore, or hashtag outfit of the day, this is my outfit this Sunday to go to church ....


Masks & Puppets

The Houses of Masks and Puppets is a place where various kinds of masks and puppets from different regions in Indonesia and around the world have been collected, stored, and displayed for public since 2006. The collection includes more than 1300 masks and 5700 puppets. These masks and puppets were collected as a reference which can be used for various purposes.


Denim on denim

While everyone is talking about what the people are wearing at the Emmy's of the after party.  I, on the other hand, trying my best with denim on denim on this casual outfit ensemble. How do I look?



thank you for the cache!

You probably wondering what is this post is all about? Well, some of you might read my post a while back here, about my confession that -I am- among other things as well as having a steady day job, are:


Grey studded skirt

So today, the outfit is a Grey studded skirt with off shoulder white top and a side of such a bright day


Kertha Gosa Pavillion

The Klungkung city in the 17th century was known for its arts, painting, dance and music... I am visiting the city today for the Kertha Gosa Pavilion...

Located in the southwest of Bali, at the end of the 18th century, the Kertha Gosa Pavilion (seen here in my images) was the hall of justice.


Bon Odori 2015

Its Bon Odori 2015... festival time!
Bon Odori or "Bon Dance", a time in which ancestors and their sacrifices are remembered and appreciated. As Obon occurs in the heat of the summer, participants traditionally wear Yukata or light cotton kimonos. Many Obon celebrations include a huge carnival with rides, games, and summer festival food like watermelon.


White on white #majorcrush

The title above is referring to the outfit of the day and the hash tag is merely for the major crush I have with instagram account of the hipster barbie @socalitybarbie it is such an original account per se


Elephant love

Okay guys, do you know your elephant? I know mine! My Indonesian Sumatran & Borneo elephants!
Do you know that their status is: Critically Endangered!!!