office attire

my first pinch pot out of the kiln, I love the result...

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office attire (feels like Japanese)

Lunch today, shared of 2 mains,

Soba, Tempura, and Oyakodon

Green tea ice cream as dessert, Ocha as drink

tshirt Converse
short pants Diesel (originally long but cut short)
belt Volcom
bag Ruby
flip flops Gioretti



What do you think about the California girls look? Daisy Dukes and Bikini on top,

on Victoria Secrets model?

on Denise Richards?

on Giselle?

or maybe you prefer Rhine Stone style like Britney?

the real Cali Gurl?

or Katy Perry "cupcakes"?

what about Kristin Cavalleris?

would you go and pull this look for your beach day?
[all the image above are Googled]

these are some bikini models I like,
the right pattern of tie-dye and the right spot of printing

yellow, mango, tangerine colors,

nude and black, classy!


Wine and dine the French way

 Its time for a girl's night out! So here we are, the three of us testing a new restaurant (at least for us), called  French's Kitchen. It was a success, food and ambiance is good, we feel at home with home made food! That is if our home is in France ..... ;-)

my main, the crispy braised pork cooked with wine,

the dessert, apple layers with caramel crispy ice cream and sprinkle of peanuts,

we continue the night to Mantra,

the mocktail was a blast!

and this is the appetizer Foie Grass with Egg, smeared to warm bread, YUMMIEEEEE

all and all was a great night with good food!


office attire

 you guys already seen the front part of this dress here 

the offerings in the office today...

nibble of the day, very nice passion fruit gelatto


movie date

Office attire of today, me in the same top as seen here, five years ago and a whole lot of pounds lighter

We were watching Snow White and the Huntsman,

Surprisingly there were not much of people,

Poster of the movie,

Bravo to Charlize Teron, and disappointing on Kristen Stewart! She only have one face for ANY character....


new ins

I simply need retail therapy from all the working stress I am facing.....

more flats for work, by Fly Shoes

bikini bottom for my white bikini top , by Summer Chick

a good match, right?

spike necklace from designer Titin Johan

shorts for running in teal color, by Lee Vierra

shorts for running in black color, by Lee Vierra

Now this is the highlight of the day, Bulgari perfume from my BEST friend,

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