An invite to a traditional wedding

 An invitation to a traditional wedding from a colleague. As usual the whole affair is in a traditional attire... love it!
 Bride & Groom.... fantastic color palette chosen here....
Here is a picture from the ceremony [photo by Bengkock]

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Sunday Church

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Body & Soul dress | Charles & Keith heels | clutch a found in Laos PDR market


Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof...

Savannah of Savannah Rose has awarded me with the Liebster Award, do check her blog, she took AHMAZING travel photos that might inspire you on so many levels!

My answer for the 11 Questions:

1. Favorite travel destination? Indonesia

2. Dream job? Been there done that, and now I just dream without working my #bleep off :)

3. Most worn nail polish color? Brand? Copper. Revlon.

4. Post your favorite photo of all time. (not really a question but trying to make this interesting)
I think this one, I have soooo many, but this one has been a PP for a long time until someone tells me to take it off since its an old photo.... hahaha

5. Favorite room in your house and why? Bed room! TV, video, reading chair are there... go figure! hahaha....

6. What makes you happiest? being with friends and family

7. Most treasured possession? my cat at the moment, she's old now :( 

8. Wedding song? Feelings

9. Dream shopping spree location (city or store) Morroco

10. Scariest experience? literally breaking my thigh bone when I was a teen

11. Go to websites when you’re bored? youtube

Liebster Award Rules: It stops right here with me!

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Lake view

So we went to have coffee and tea at the Kintamani mountain area, and this is what I wore,
spot Hello Kitty?
was passing a beautiful ceremony there,
coffee / tea break, yummmmmm....
Walter and the gang, what a view....

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top Stradivarius | pants Uniqlo | heels Charles & Keith


Sunday Church

Happy Easter all.... and have a blessed Sunday!

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Winter Soldier [movie date]

Have you watched "Captain America: The Winter Soldier?" At the beginning of the movie when Steve Rogers (=Captain America) was exercising, he was shown making a list of the things that he should feel or knows. The list was only shown on screen for a few seconds. As you may all know [anyone who is a Marvel fan] that Capt America was freezes over during the WWII era and he got defrosted (sounds like a turkey) when The Avengers enter the modern era.Obviously he missed a whole lotta things!

The movie maker of Captain America: The Winter Soldier has adjusted the list as into this:
USA viewer:  I Love Lucy series , Moon Landing, Berlin Wall, Steve Jobs, Disco, Thai food, Star Wars, Nirvana, Rocky the movie, & soundtrack Troubleman.
adding some items on to the list for worldwide viewers such as,
Germany: Currywurst, 
Italy: Roberto Benigni 
France: Daft Punk, World Cup 1998, 5th Element movie
Australia: Tim Tams, AC/DC, Skippy The Bush Kangaroo, & Steve Irwin
Korea: Park Ji Sung, Oldboy, Dance Dance Revolution
UK: I Love Lucy series was placed with Sherlock, Disco is placed by The Beatles, & Sean Connery is replacing Steve Jobs.

These additional and minor changes are a way to got into the international attention.... well its proven right! since premier Apr 4, The Captain America: Winter Soldier has become one of most success sequel with US$ 209.4 mill earning on the first week.

I rate B+

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dress Cavalier | sandals Payless


Gili Air

After my intense Thailand holiday, I think I deserve a quiet 3 days 2 night holiday to recover the big city trip!

So here I am with another group of girls (that I went with last year to Laos) to visit the Gili Air. Gili Air is the smallest of the Gilis (Gili = island) and it's closest to the Lombok mainland. The island is popular with honeymoon couples and travelers seeking a quiet retreat. It has population of about 1,000 and administratively lies in the West Nusa Tenggara province. Our villa has an excellent snorkeling and the area of the island and also the Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan has scuba drops & diving spots. Some sea turtles can be seen along the coral reef too.... woohooo.... it was a great retreat for the 4 of us!


Party with the stars

Sitting with Oprah, party with Will Smith... and here is the party of the decades, with all of these famous people.... it was fantastic!
I am having a lot of fun... enjoy the pictures!