Sunday Church

 How do you spend your Sundays guys? Well, my Sunday this time is with a movie date,
 "Transformer Age of Extinction"



Hey you all... here I am back with the series post of "Randomly", these are shots that I took (or someone took a shot of me) that didn't make it as an outfit post. They are so memorable that I wanted to share...
Start with the Jatiluwih Rice Field (Unesco Heritage) site:


office attire

It was just a regular day at work and that was what I wore. Meanwhile, back at the ranch... ehrrr... I mean back at home after office hours, I was having a quiet night with a movie on the screen,


Poleng is on again!

whoa... its not the best day to dress up today! I am bloating! 
but the Poleng exhibition of hubby is on and so I must do my best.
opted for this old number , here I go again.
Poleng was opened here, by the painting artist Ponco Setyohadi


OOTD 13.6.14

Today's outfit is something that I put together by just grabbing the first thing I see! ;)
This pair of sparkler is just sitting there and before I even see if the pair match the outfit, I just put it on. haha... .  I am super excited today! I have bought a ticket to travel -this country- for ONE month! yoohoo....  I got a travel buddy coming with me, we planned this travel a year ago but didn't follow through because of our limited time. But now that we have the time (well, actually I have to force my self to take unpaid leave), we will get the use of the time at our best! And now, in coming couple of months we can plan which part to go first and I am excited to shop for certain travel gear... woohooo.... 
I hope your day is as fantastic as mine guys...

Go to his page to see his awesome work and his blog for some awesome behind the scene

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top H&M | denim short Exit | bag Gaudi | flat Bellagio | watch Roxy


Clutch it!

Without realizing, I have a very fond feelings towards clutch bag, hmmm... here are some of the clutch bag that I have and had incorporate into my outfit....

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Sunday church

 hey you guys.... I wish you all a great Sunday! here is a quick post on what I wore to the church today.