The Metal effect

So I worn this Metal(ic) top to work, and my boss just tell me that I look like a rock star...well... sometimes I just don't think about an outfit ensemble and merely put on anything... ;)

Lunch of today, nom nom nom

top by Ciel, short made to order, sandals by Fly, bag by Marie Claire, necklace vintage from my grandma.

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Grey and they say floral are signs for spring...

I guess today is the day that I am wearing this new dress. Well, it is not brand new - brand new, but it is a birthday gift that I haven't had the chance of wearing.
The bottom part can be unfolded by untie the strings, and I'll get maxi dress....
So what do you think about this dress guys? 

today is also a dentist appointment, Fluocal is an obsession for me, I never missed it!

It turned out to be a short cleaning session, to the movie it is!

In this movie, Mark Wahlberg cast as an ex-cop out for revenge; and Russell Crowe as the mayor of New York & the villain. I rate it as B+ this is a good entertainment!

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Little birdy told me...

My attempt to show you guys today's office attire. I know its really blurry! I didn't get much help and so I just set on timer, try to point and shoot.... I hope you guys did see the shape of the dress here. I kinda like it a lottt. I think it has interesting shape.

and the motif of the dress is....



I am still into this black top with lace at the back... so here I am pairing it with a skirt that I just got from last week shopping. 

I am againts VPL, crease, folds line, or in this case VTL (visible top lines), 
but yeah...  rules to this exception's...


Yogyakarta Holiday Day 3

Its day three.... still having a blast, touring around the city, went to the Fort, Palace and the Water Castle,
was a great day spent...
by night, we had dinner at the famous Nasi Goreng Kambing, street vendor, yummm.....


The last side note:  Yogyakarta's centre is the Kraton or Sultan's palace. Surrounding the Kraton is a densely populated residential neighbourhood that occupies land that was formerly the Sultan's sole domain. Evidence of this former use remains in the form of old walls and the ruined Taman Sari, built in 1758 as a pleasure garden. No longer used by the sultan, the garden had been largely abandoned. For a time, it was used for housing by palace employees and descendants. Reconstruction efforts began in 2004, and an effort to renew the neighborhood around the kraton has begun. The site is a developing tourist attraction.

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Yogyakarta Holiday Day 2

Another day spent with my BFF

We went shopping, shopping, lunch, and then some shopping again,

by night we are lounging and had a coffee break...

in good company while spending the rest of the night in the hotel room 

Another side note: The area of the city of Yogyakarta is 32.5 km². While the city spreads in all directions from the Kraton (the Sultan's palace), the core of the modern city is to the north, centering around Dutch colonial era buildings and the commercial district. Malioboro street  with rows of pavement vendors and nearby market and malls, is the primary shopping street for tourists in the city, while Jalan Solo, further north, is a shopping district more frequented by locals. At the southern end of Malioboro, on the east side is the large local market of Beringharjo, not far from Fort Vredeburg -a restored Dutch fort.

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Yogyakarta Holiday Day 1

The day outfit, and by night I changed to blue pantalon...

Here are the photos from my Holiday in Jogjakarta, Mid Java ....
Highlights of day one holiday? Meet my BFF... Chocolate factory visit, dinner date with my BFF,
oh what a day ...


Jogja view from Amplaz

 the yummy dark chocolate


Dinner at Raminten

A little note about the city: Yogyakarta is a city and the capital of Yogyakarta Special Region in Java Indonesia.  It is renowned as a centre of classical Javanese fine art and culture such as Batik, ballet, drama, music, poetry, and puppet shows.  Yogyakarta was the Indonesian capital during the Indonesian National Revolution from 1945 to 1949. One of the districts in Yogyakarta, Kotagede was the capital of Mataram Kingdom / Sultanate between 1575 and 1640. The city is named after the Indian city of  Ayodya from the Ramayana epic. Yogya means 'suitable, fit, proper', and Karta, 'prosperous, flourishing' in whole it means 'a city that is fit to prosper'

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