I am currently favoring my platform shoes, thus, I am wearing it a lot! I was out for ogoh-ogoh hunting and this was what I wore. Some comments I got from the top here was that "it's a nice t shirt". Well, it is not a tee shirt! It is a voile cotton shirt with a zipper at the back. 



Here you go... this is the part of the holiday that I mentioned in my other post earlier. I am visiting Malang city in East Java for 6 days/5 nights! 


Coincidentally green

 So today I have to wear footwear that should cover my toes. That is because we are doing a raku firing. What is raku firing you asked? It is a pottery firing technique, low firing temperatures; lead glazes, and the removal of pieces from the kiln (oven) while still glowing hot. 


Bali Live 2015 International Jazz festival

Java Jazz Festival has now become the most highly attended Jazz Festival in the world. Over the last 10 years they have brought the world to Indonesia through music and have presented some of the biggest names in the business, as well as the best emerging talents and legendary musicians of real quality.


Church outfit

It was all cloudy and tough to do this photo shot, plus the fact that I have so much greenery lush on the background while my dress is kind of green. Oh well... here is my outfit for church. 


Weave (a night at the exhibition)

Its another exhibition opening last night! It was a successful low key one, the artist don't mind if we didn't made an all out exhibition opening, and we are quiet happy that is was small and warm gathering. Of course this allows me to dress up a little bit casual. And here are a couple photos from the exhibition. It's a ceramic sculptural body of work, weaved baskets and all sorts.



This is a flashback to a holiday in Bali about a decade ago. The Bali Cliff Resorts is nestled on a secluded plateau by a cliff that overlooks the azure waters of the Indian Ocean. It is located on the cliff edge, near Ungasan Village, on Bali's Southern Bukit Peninsula, 75 metres above Pura Batu Pageh cave, overlooking the glorious Indian Ocean, with no other hotels in site.



So what's the deal with the title? Well the title represent the theme of food that was served on this dinner invitation. It was such a great and festive event. There are 11 companies on this dinner and we are all good in each other company. 



Hi you guys... here I am back with Randomly series, been a while now. Enjoy the picture after the jump and if you do not have any clue about the image, there's caption on each image, leave a comment if you wanna ask questions. ciao...
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