Balancing Act [a night at the exhibition]

Its a night at the exhibition! This time is Resident Artist Heidi McKenzie from Toronto, Canada.
The title of the exhibition is "Balancing Act"

with the artist Heidi McKenzie

copying Charlie's Angels

photos by Ali Kazimi
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Its a new day

another easy outfit attire, gotta love dry season here in Bali, outfit is becoming easier by day!
although its a busy day and will involve a lot of clay (=dirt), I dare myself to wear white top....

hope you all have a fine day...



Eye of the tiger

My office attire today is a new in find t shirt. Always opting for a simple attire, here is today's look!

My 'Shop till you drop' magazines arrived today from Australia, would love to flip them and go all the way through the pages from May- August... yes guys, I am a little bit behind, I [even] just purchased the Indonesian Elle Aug today .... :(

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Do not (ever) go to Karma Kandara Ungasan beach club!

I am very rarely bitc*in about my personal life and experience on my blog, but I was super disappointed this weekend that I simply must pour it into this media. I just finished writing on Trip Advisor about the experience and must say, plus most of other reviewer are feeling the same, so here goes:

I must say that I thought -the first 1.2 KM before the Karma beach club incident with their expatriate staff I had that day- will make this review bias. BUT, the resort manager is trying his best to accommodate and is appreciated! Upon my arrival at Karma Beach, I was totally disappointed! The service was poor, the staff has no knowledge of whats in the menu, the duty/ floor manager was not informative and not helping at all! They even treat us as if their doing us a favor, snobbish and not attentive.

With very poor service at the Karma beach club, over priced entrance fee that is not deductible from spending of the day, small beach area, overpriced sunbed! I will not recommend the place. They have to do something about it, because I for sure will not come back and will not recommend my worst enemy to this place.

My bestie and me were aiming for this Finns Beach Club, but they are closed for private function this weekend,

so second option was this one, the Nammos Beach/ Karma Beach/ Karma Kandara beach club (even they cannot decide what name to use, thats a sign of disaster!)

of course most of you would say that my 3-weeks old car looked scratched only, but it was dented! Their insurer was dodgy too! I am still waiting for the settlement of this incident, arghhhhh!!! The scariest of this accident is that we were run off the road, I am still shaking getting hit like that!

thank you all for allowing me to pour out my bad feels of the day(s)...


Images of Finns beach club and Karma Beach is taken from their website


Little Black Dress

I know... I know.... its a common and simple dress. I felt uninspired today for dinner, and so I opted for a simple Little Black Dress and heeled it up with my Zara studded number. I 've grown to loving this heels a lot, maybe I will post a lot with it. Let's see!

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The tittle is simply because I was amazed by these giant potts!
Aren't they just grant?

on the way to lunch... we stop by at this old small stone carver shop and look what they have..
this serpent ring is coming home with me!

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What's inside my bag?

What's inside my bag lately? Now ladies, this is what I carried around lately.
3 essentials which is my wallet, my phone and my pocket camera. Sometimes when I don't feel carrying around my notebook, I would bring my tablet,but still its not the same.
I would most of the time bring a book to read while que-queing or waiting for something or some friends, but these past days being hectic at work just simply didn't even allowed me to touch the cover...

Mobile by Samsung, Key chain by Swarovski, Card holder by OCK, Wallet by Fossil, Canon pocket camera, MX tablet, bag is a purchase in Laos-Luang Prabang-night market.

folks...thank you for reading the bits...



Have you ever?

Have you ever take a [bunch] of shot and felt that the pictures are not working at all because it over exposed to the light , etc. but you didn't delete them because there is something in the images that captured the thing that you like or simply you don't have the heart to delete because of 'something'?
That happens to me a lot! And these photos are proofs! Taken in my office, its a tree house, mentioned in this post earlier.

Happy Independence day Indonesia, Merdeka!
yes, 17 August is Indonesia's independence day...

on another note, I just browse through the web for the flag image and found that SJP are just lovable in this whole outfit!

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office attire

today office attire, is easy breezy...
after office hour, its just proper to spend time by watching,
Wolverine Immortal

the story is about the extended X-Men origin Mr Logan aka Wolverine. The story flash back to 1945, when Logan, the Wolverine, is held in a Japanese POW camp near Nagasaki. During the atomic bomb Logan rescues a Japanese officer named Yashida and shields him from the blast. In the present day, Logan lives as a hermit in the Yukon, tormented by hallucinations of Jean Grey, whom he was forced to kill. Logan was located by Yukio, a mutant with the precognitive ability to foresee people's deaths, on-behalf of Yashida, now the CEO of a technology corporation. Yashida, who is dying of cancer, wants Logan to accompany Yukio to Japan so that he may repay his life debt..... and the rest of the story??? well you all gotta have to purchase the ticket guys....
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Work or leisure or a working leisure?

Another big workshop at the office and it has been busy months preparing, and now busy weeks now 
-that its happening.... 

starting with playing tourist with the group, and lunching at one of my favorite organic healthy food 
"Sari Organik" in Ubud

lol silly face of me... food and beverage is good!

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