I got this message a couple years back from a friend, it touches me every time I reread the message, it is so true in so many ways and to me --it says more,


Letter to the love one

If you are happened to receive notification for this post, you might remember this letter from a couple years back... and my feelings remains the same,

A best friend is two souls in one body. You are the best person whom I can share my thoughts, feelings, success, failures, secrets, ambitions in life, fears, hopes and everything.

In short, I bitch to you whenever I want and I expect you to give nice words to calm me down... hihihiihihi.....

You are the best person who can safeguard my deepest secret and yet will not misjudge me or disown me. This is the greatest asset which gives the courage to share all my feelings.

You are a real reflection of my character and personality, and you are a great source of inspiration, you take me to great levels. It is very hard to explain our friendship as it happens between two people who have the same wavelength of mind and we are inseparable.

You become an asset in my life, you are my best friend and beyond that!

You bear up to my insanity and sanity, I love you forever and ever...

Happy birthdayyyyy.....

thank you all for stopping by and viewing the post...


Orange touch

By the time this post is out, I am already in another city. Preparing for a trip can be harsh sometimes, and it is indeed a difficult task! I am opting to pack light and instead I have packed a fully loaded suitcases.... oh well... 
On another note, mood is kind of taking me into black outfit color. Have heard some sad news from a friend that his cancer is probably back. Damn! So this mellow black is a reminder and the orange touch is just me. Always sees the happy side of things, while I pray he's going to be okay. Have a blessed day all... stay safe!


Black Nude

In all honesty I have no excuse for being busy all time, all the time. But I have been! So much happenings that I didn't documented while I think it should have made cute outfit posts. Besides being lazy mixing and matching outfit of the day, I always depends on my footwear towards my clothing. So it turned out to be black and nude today... and this is what I wore.
Wish you all a pleasant weekday and settled comfortably at the office again... 

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For real

Nope, I don’t live a glamorous life, can’t you tell?
Some people said that being glamorous is about strength and confidence –well, I am a confident person (some even says over-confident) and I have strength! Ha!

My point is, I don’t look glamorous all the time with heels and nice outfits. When I go to work, it will be a very simple work outfit, thin layer as it is summer all time all the time here in Bali!
Sometimes this is what I wore when I am in the studio (ceramic studio that is); and most of the time I am covered in clay, so much for being glamorous! Haha…
This is my ootd! I am sure yours are more appropriate… still… wish you a fabulous day! ;0


RIP David Bowie [Church outfit]

It is a sad sad news! RIP David Bowie, you are my culture pop hero!
It is supposed to be an outfit post on my last church outfit, but I cannot go on without telling you guys how I feel about the passing of one of my fave artist!
*image google
 *image google
*image google

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The Shades of Grey

So this post is about the grey color and the fact that I am on my 2nd and 3rd EL James Fifty Grey trilogy. Being a usual hoarder me, I went for Indonesian literature as well as hoarding 2 classics. Exciting!


Silver Black (2)

I know my legs are a horrific site right now, I just run a 12K ups and downs area in rural Bali. It was such a fantastic run for the beginning of the year. Some of you must already know that I am a harriet, I run with Bali Hash House Harriers for quiet some times now. This outfit is last Sunday dinner outfit with some friends. I think I did quiet good for the start of 2016, I hope you guys start with something good too! I believe that when we start with good thing, we will up to good things too... Let's have a fantastic 2016 with high hopes, always!


See it simple

Happy New Year... 2016 please be super good to me :)
Let's start the new year with being humble and do simple things... like dressing up in simple tee here for example. 
On another note --since I am here on this blog already-- I would like to quote the French philosopher Henri Bergson on his famous quote: "The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend."