Kuala Lumpur

Sri Kandaswamy Kovil on Jalan Scott
Brickfields is a small to medium-sized town and residential neighborhood located just outside central. It is known as Kuala Lumpur's Little India due to the high percentage of Indian residents and businesses.

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Bucket List

I sometimes look back to my bucket list of travel and reminisce. Quiet often, I grow and change destinations, and sometimes I dream more and awake jolted!

These are places where I wanted to go last 2014; now, I have changed the list a lot since then --yet this list remained as the best edit for me,

India DONE!

Budapest, Hn

Florence, It


Instagram Your Story

These images were only 24 hours old. I hated to waste good photos, here goes some of them that I saved... now its forever on my page :)



It is the time in my life that there's just more than a few person that I met, many things that I heard, parties I went—that touched my life. I am striving to stay awake to be in the moment, I soak all the smell, the view and the sound—then I captured the moments when they come. It so happened that the moments in my life are mountaintops! Can't you tell? I can't resist not snapping at these moments, seriously! Enjoy the picture after the jump,
Nungnung waterfall

chasing waterfall
Marigold field

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"Men thin away to insignificance and oblivion quite as often by not making the most of good spirits when they have them as by lacking good spirits when they are indispensable. Gabriel lately, for the first time since his prostration by misfortune, had been independent in thought and vigorous in action to a marked extent-conditions which, powerless without an opportunity as an opportunity without them is barren, would have given him a sure lift upwards when the favorable conjunction should have occurred. But this incurable loitering beside Bathsheba Everdene stole his time ruinously. The spring tides were going by without floating him off, and the neap might soon come which could not.” ~~Thomas Hardy, Far from the Madding Crowd

Thomas Hardy was introduced to me by an English Literature lecturer --my mom. Among all those beautiful word stringing writers, he's my favorite! This write up is unrelated, it's...  just.


Green on Green

Every one of us must have experience of losing something precious to us; lost opportunities, lost possibilities, even losing feelings that we can never get back.
Such as life, it goes on and losing is part of being alive. Should you walk in life while you are gifted to listen to other people' head, would you walk a straight line? Would you be able to concentrate and walk away?
Or do you stop and reaching out to the one that cried --especially when your conscious told you to do so.

Coda, Desire, that ought to shut it down for 4:08 minutes.


Book hoarder

So some people posts their yoga poses on Instagram, I hoard books!
Okay, so that's not a correct comparison; let me rephrase,

I do yoga since 2005 and not posting any pose on my Instagram everwhile some people post like almost daily; compared to I have been reading books and hoard thembut I don't post...
And this does not come right either...

Laughing out loud!
I have been browsing (stalking) and 2-tapping images from some book nerds (there are people like me out there, I thought I am the only one!)
So here is a special post on what I currently read and what I am going to read next (if the hoarding does not persist).
What about you guys? What have you been reading lately and want to recommend it to me? I read just about everything!
This Haruki Murakami book is my current read,
These books are my TBR, to be read, 


Led Zeppelin

I swear the amount of movie that I watched lately are equal to the days of the week, like honestly! I have been watching movie almost everyday these past couple months. On another note, I feel like I am travelling without moving. Yikes, I have trips coming up yet, I feels like I have traveled through my brain... whoohaaa.... possibly probably all the movie scenes playing role in my head. Haha... in the meantime, let me just kept on playing "point a dot on the map" while finding best deals on flights and place to stay. I am making the most of my days off, if there's none let them just cut my salary, I always need holiday after all... how's your travelling plan thus far? what's your fave place? bucket list?