stitch and bitch

Stitch and Bitch is actually a group of Nanas (grandmas) that sit together in the afternoon, zipping coffee or tea with some cakes and cookies, doing a lot of hand made fashion accessories while bitching (talking) or gossiping ...

My Christmas gift is this necklace, I'll treasure it!

thanks Fae!


we sport our necklace here... love it!

My Thailand Holiday

the Palace


Floating market of Chao Phraya river


Kanchanaburi War Cemetery (Don Rak) , from WWII


You can also take a walk to cross the bridge on foot, too.

Bridge over River Kwai

Perhaps the best known attraction of Kanchanaburi, featured in world’s famous book and film, The Bridge on the River Kwai is part of the infamous Death Railway, spanning over Kwai Yai River, built by the prisoners of the World War II under the supervision of Japanese Imperialism Army. The 415-kilometer railway was built to connect Thailand and Myanmar to secure supplies to the Japanese army during their Greater East-Asian War. It is called the Death Railway as it involved the death of too many people during the construction period, between September 16, 1942 and on 25 December 1943 when it completed. It is estimated that more than 16,000 war prisoners (POWs) from England, Australia, Holland and America, together with some 90,000 labors from Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia and Indonesia, died during the construction through experience a series bombing raids and cruelness of the Imperial Japanese Army.


Tuk Tuk ride


this offerings reminds me of Bali...

Lunch on the boat while touring Khancanaburi

Mom and I enjoyed it verrrrry much!

grey T shirt by Billabong|black top by Pull in|bag by Elizabeth|sunglasses by Roxy

Dream Holiday

These photos are from last  year Holiday in August 2007, such a dream holiday!

A wedding reception in Malang

Dress: Body & Soul
Shoes: Nine West Leger open toe
Accessories: 18k cross necklace, John Hardy bamboo bracelet, Roxy watch
Clutch: black (N/A photo)

Surabaya & Malang holiday in photodiary

A week went by so fast when you're having fun, here are some proof from my holiday in Malang and Surabaya cities, enjoy the picture after the jump.

Checking out paragliding location in Batu, Malang

Try these guys clickhere

Next on to the Coban Rondho waterfall,

Then off to the Agrowisata Batu, and... ehm- you can pick your own apple!

Took a train for a day trip to Surabaya from Malang, was a great day of shopping and foodgasm!

but first, coffee!

When in Malang, check out Singosari temple! the biggest kingdom in Indonesia,

Do stop by and check out the Pasar Besar Malang, this is gonna be the experience of a lifetime! 

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