Ogoh-Ogoh 2018

Every year before Seclusion day (17 March 2018); there are ogoh-ogoh parade during the Pengerupukan day (one day before Seclusion day).
Ogoh-ogoh are paper mache-huge size-shaped creatures that are built for the Ngrupuk parade. The ogoh-ogoh are normally forms of mythological beings, mostly demons. As with many creative endeavours based on Balinese Hinduism. The creation of ogoh-ogoh represents spiritual aims inspired by Hindu philosophy.


Hot spring onsen-like

Secluded to a peaceful place and all I ever wanted was solace. To arrive in the gap of existence, slip into the corner of life and avoid the crowd. But chaos finds me—it’s persistent pull me back to life and its disarray. I guess I will never be on my own and in my seclusion... which is fine since I do live in an orchestral life and loving the harmony. 
Welcome back from reclusion all Bali family, happy Saka new year 1940!

Enjoy these images from atop view point of Mt. Batur, down to the crater lake Batur and hot spring retreat! ❤ #loveneverfeltsogood


Chasing waterfall

The day I ran through rain and arrived to this beautiful Dedari Waterfall in Bangli... 


Birth-month celebration never stop...

I am so glad they are my family and they choose me... birth-month celebration really never stop this year... love love it!