Object of Contemplation

Its the exhibition opening of Antra Sinha, our ceramic artist from India. The title of the exhibition is "Object of Contemplation"... of course it was a successful show, her pieces are wonderful and the person behind it is beyond wonderful!

Write up from the artist: “Nature fascinates me. When I see nature, I see geometry.  I am inspired by the structures created by the golden mean and its various permutations that emerge and evolve from the micro of the organism to the macro of the universe. My work is guided by the material itself – clay. I feel that in some ways, I am the material that I am working with: I am moulding clay, yet it is moulding me. I feel that my mind, vital and body must work in concert in order to manifest the forms, which I then offer to the fire. It is only then that I surrender to the exogenous forces of the cosmos. I am grateful to all the beings that have touched me and come together in creating this exhibition. The making is a collaborative process and your experience and interpretation of this work completes my journey.” ~Antra

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Yellow & Ikat

Its an unpacking day today, it means that the wood fire kiln is opened after a 4 days firing.
And I must say the result of the firing on my pieces are just awesome.
I guess I will be drinking from the new cups now....
love fave lovely cups...

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updating with these two new photos from Ali Kazimi,

dremel without goggle, what a bad example!


Getaway [part two]

and so this is where I went on the second day.... :)

rickshaw, Java style


love this old style shop!

don't they look adorable?

looove!!! those red sandals are just amazing!

wow... vintage cups & thermos of enamels and the very cool vintage advertisement!

my mixed rice... nom nom nom...

what a nice eatery,

coffee beer?

look at all those vintage lamps on the ceiling...

coffee break, a nice machiatto

crispy crepes...yumm...

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Getaway [part one]

I have been waiting for this time when I visit my best friend that move to Surabaya city.
Surabaya is located in East Java (Java is main-land of Indonesia),
what a great time of hang out, catch up, good food and great company!

bag of the day is borrowed... ;-)

pressure cooker haven, look at this huge one!

love those cute minions... have you guys watched the Despicable Me 2? 
I did! and I would highly recommend it!

after shopping, what is more proper than a coffee break?

I think I am happy with this getaway! first for the chance of visiting my best friend and second for the great shopping!

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shorts by Body & Soul / shirt by Nevada / flats by The Little Things She Needs / bag by Louis Vuitton (borrowed from hubby) / sunnies Roxy / rings Mario, Janice Girardi / bracelet Bali Jewel / watch Gc 



Here are some updates from my instagram @gracenjio

me and 'Niki Minaj' :D lol

free day, beach club day...

heels on work

arm candy of the day

sunset today #soblessed

my baby Cipris

silver on silver on gold

working on sunday.. bleh...

with dad, #tbt

love kellan's costume

best panini ever...


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