Morning lights vs Golden hour

While testing my already molded camera lens this morning, I choose to take some outfit images with this lens, gosh... as seen the above images up here, the lens is indeed hopeless!  


Calm after the storm

Yesterday was a bad cyclone for about one hour down here in Bali. We never had that often but once we have, it could turned out quiet scary. It was like a war zone, debris flying here there, electricity was off, and some tree collapses. Thank God nothing really bad damaging or hurting people (and animal). And today was all nice and sunny as if such of cyclone never happened. :| 


Palm tree

I must say I am quiet happy that we decided to buy palm trees when we move to our house here. Yes, we bought trees! It is mainly because we do not want to spend years watching them growing, we only want to enjoy these trees right then. And now.. it made quiet nice backdrop for my outfit photos. haha... 


Paysanne Other Souls

I have been invited by my dear friend Maria Garcia to the launching of her textiles collection 
"Paysanne Other Souls" do visit the website, my photos here are poor representation of the beautiful fabrics, I can always blame it on the lighting, ha! 


From where I stand...

February is definitely my month, it is my favorite month as always and I hardly travel in February. I like to stay put in Bali on February. Reason is? or reasons are? Well, one is that its the month of my birthday, the month of my wedding anniversary, the month of Valentine (cheeky), the month when almost all of my best friends and family birthdays... so yeah!


Block Printed Cotton

The only thing that I regret when I was in India was not buying enough of Indian cotton with block printed motifs on it! (seen here is my top) I learned from the factory and fabric shops that we visited the earliest areas where block printing developed were located in Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat. The art of block printing began in the 18th century in Rajasthan and the craft has been passed down from generation to generation. The finest contemporary block printing is still found in this area. The main tools of the printer are wooden blocks in different shapes. Each block is hand carved from seasoned teak wood by skilled artisans. The new blocks are soaked in oil for 10-15 days to soften the grain in the timber. 


Sunday Church

Hi guys.... how's your Sunday so far? Mine is a bit tiring, got sick yesterday from all the rain pouring while doing the jungle run. It was insane, during the day before the run was a good sunny shine shine, and then mid part of the run starts to rain. It was all fun apart from the rain, and now I am a bit down with cold, sigh. Have a great Sunday all ...


Sekumpul Waterfall

Me and a bunch of friends decided to do a road trip towards Singaraja to visit the Sekumpul waterfall. Sekumpul waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfall on the island. In this area there two groups of waterfall with two different water sources, its called Sekumpul waterfall & Lemukih waterfall.  


New Delhi INDIA

When I visited New Delhi as the last jumping point before heading home to Bali, I was staying in the house of my best friend that resides in U.K. Thus, I was host and entertained by her father & mother. Dada (I called him) or uncle told me that ".... after all, New Delhi is a 2000 years old city..."
I am WOW-ed! 


Sunday Church

Here is my outfit for church, not the most glamorous one, but when its decent enough, I 'll go and see God in the house of Lord... a ripped vintage denim pants and printed top...