beach time!

It is a well deserved holiday for me... I was longing for beach and was working straight through weekend this past month. Amed was the destination, enjoy the picture jump!

Amed refers to a long stretch of coast running from the village of Cucik about 14 km eastwards incorporating the seven villages of Amed, Jemeluk, Bunutan, Lipah, Selang, Banyuning and Aas. The pace of life here is slow and the coastal scenery quite stunning making Amed the perfect place for a relaxed holiday in Bali. Amed's villagers live from fishing, salt-making and tourism. The lack of tourism-based revenue, its remote nature and the generally harsh environment for farming, meant that this area was very much one of the poorer areas in Bali. Amed is famous for its beaches, lined with traditional outrigger fishing boats. There is quite coarse black volcanic sand at Amed village beach. As you move further east (and away from Mount Agung), the beaches have softer sand and become more of a mid grey-brown in color. The prettiest bays are probably those at Jemeluk and Lipah but the whole stretch of coastline is very attractive.

It was a great trip, good company and fantastic weekend!

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Life in film strip

it was a rainy day... 
but work awaits!

my t-shirt by Hard Rock Cafe Surfers Paradise Gold Coast
Jacket by Rock Food Hossegor France
Jeans by Nevada jeans
Batik bag by Erlangga 2



Melaspas is one of Bali traditional ceremonial where the purpose is to clean negative elements from new site of building or land that knows has great spirit of goodness soul in a building. In Bali language its called “medaging or pedagingan”; the purely soul of good spirit.

There are great philosophies inside a traditional Melaspas ceremonial. The word ‘Melaspas’ came from word “mala”, means bad or negative elements and ”pas” means cleanse or to purefy. Melaspas are specially done to a new building like : house, Merajan (temple / shrine). Besides cleansing, Melaspas also has a purpose to give protection from the negative elements to the owner of the building.

Melaspas is lead by the Hindu Highest Priest “Pedanda” or by Pemangku, in this case, my husband 2nd studio is blessed by the village Pemangku.

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Aperitif and lounging

The last time I was posting this dress here, the images didn't do any justice to the dress. I know that the asymmetrical dress is probably over for you guys, but I tend to wear my dresses as many times as I can, so here goes.... an evening of aperitif and lounging....

Look at my Cipris, she is soooo cute, isnt she? I know I am her Mom, but still she is indeed a cute cat!

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A night at the exhibition

Its the opening night for Ketut Muja exhibition, one of Balinese sculptor. There were not so many pieces displayed, but his works are just amazing.

ehr... I forget my camera, and so the phone camera will do,

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Closet tour (yet again)

You guys must have remembered (well, new readers can click the link for the first time), on my post about my father's wardrobe here. Yes, he loves his clothes and some of his kids (including me) loooooves our clothes too.... although I must say that I love my shoes more than my clothes.

After the last viewing of my closet here (back in April last year), I wanted to show you some more updated view.

yup, although I clean my wardrobe every month, somehow these clothes just kept on piling and piling, I wonder how?

Piles of my pants, I give out some, so I have a chance to pile some more... :)

the current look of my shoe closet, this is my fave wear, the rest are at my parents house inside their warehouse. Sitting pretty in the box with photos on each boxes, very appropriate!

and these are maybes that I might wore but don't want to store yet. need to take some picture of the shoes and print photos to stick outside the boxes.

Here are more of my accessories that I never show, part of it was posted here (back from almost a year ago).

I don't have anymore space in the drawer, plus I don't want to scratch the slightly "good" watches so I just leave it in the boxes and mark it with neon stickers with model descriptions.

I don't have those fancy ring holders, and so I purchased this plastic container in the hardware store, it's very handy to keep the accessories/ rings and you can see through the boxes.

You can always stack the boxes and it has separators so all of your sterling silver jewelries will not touch the other media such as brass here. You know how oxidation can be such a drag. Having my silver jewelries sent to the jewelry cleaner or back to the jeweler is just not easy for me, cause I don't want to be parted with them too long... ;-)

Of course the drawer that holds the other accessories is also full....

But I do have a bracelets/ bangles holder, now that's what I call "organized"

thank you all for reading, and how about you guys?
how do you organize your closet?



office attire [in Fred Perry]

Its Bali! Yup! and no jacket required, and most of the time no shoes required....all you need is sandals...
Today office attire is yet again t shirt. Gotta love living the island life...;)

Our resident artist at work, seen some awesome pieces already?

his exhibition is coming very soon, 27 Feb 2013 that is, like his page here

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Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

Hey guys, look out for the upcoming Indonesia Fashion Week 2013,

Remember my post here? Well.... on the 16th February Indische will participate in the fashion show, will keep you update in next upcoming post!