Udaipur INDIA

I must say, when I arrived in Udaipur and wandered around the city, I call it Venice of India! Apparently Udaipur is a lake city! Udaipur was founded in 1559 by Maharana Udai Singh II as the final capital of the erstwhile Mewar kingdom, located in the fertile circular valley-"Girwa" to the southwest of Nagda, on the Banas River. Maharana Udai Singh II, in the wake of 16th century decided to move his capital to a more secure location, importance of which he had realized during his exile at Kumbhalgadh. Ayad was flood-prone, so he chose the ridge east of Pichola Lake to start his new capital city.



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It has been a long while since my last post on what are on my instagram.com/gracenjio lately,
Work of art at work , angel dude is pointing at me 


Jodhpur INDIA

Hopping on and off from one city to another, here I am in Jodhpur. Jodhpur  is the second largest city in Rajasthan. After its population crossed a million, it has been declared as the second 'Metropolitan City' of Rajasthan. The city is known as the "Sun City" for the bright, sunny weather it enjoys all the year round. It is also referred to as the "Blue City" due to the vivid blue-painted houses around the Mehrangarh Fort. The old city circles the fort and is bounded by a wall with several gates. Jodhpur was founded in 1459 by Rao Jodha a Rajput chief of the Rathore clan. Jodha succeeded in conquering the surrounding territory and thus founded a state which came to be known as Marwar. As Jodha hailed from the nearby town of Mndore, that town initially served as the capital of this state; however, Jodhpur soon took over that role, even during the lifetime of Jodha.



Jaisalmer INDIA


I arrived really early in Jaisalmer, and the owner of the villa has ask me to just rest, it was dark outside and nothing to see really, but when I arrived in the room, I know this is meant to be! Look at the view from the bathroom, could you ever sleep to this? Jaisalmer is my main reason to visit India (not Taj Mahal). Strange you said? Not for me!  Words cannot express, let the pictures do the talk!



A bunch friends of mine were getting together to welcome the 2015. We also do not want to throw big elaborate party on New year because we were saddened with the Air Asia QZ8501 incident. I was on board the exact same flight last September 2014. I am in particular saddened because most of the passenger were my junior in Junior High and junior in my Senior High school. How's that being sad to be related to the incident? My bestie just rang me today to tell me that she didnt want to take any flight yet, not even on our annual vacation coming this March. The only transportation she wanted to take is the train, thus this only leave us to travel within Java island. I must be smart on this, because I really want to spend time with my bestie. 


Jaipur INDIA

So here I am back to my one month India diary that I haven't finished posting last year. It is a one month trip after all, and you cannot imagine how many photos I have in store. I really have to narrow down the amount of the photos in my post. I hope you guys enjoy the story within the post.
Enjoy the pictures after the jump!

Arrive in Jaipur and the first place we visited was Pink City, the Palace complex and the Jantar Mantar is within this Pink City. Why naming the city "pink city" you asked? Because the buildings are in pink color. :) 



Its a new year already! 2014 has been behind us and we are now at the end of the first week of 2015 (for me its the beginning of working week). I do hope you all had a great 2014 guys. Mine was superb. At the end of 2013 I wished that 2014 will be a fantastic one, and my wishes did come through and so much more were added. Now I am wishing for a fantastic 2015, may all my hope and wishes (and everyone else's) will come through. 


Happy New Year

Happy new year 2015 all... may this coming year be a great fantastic ride with lots of adventures!
Did you guys made a new years resolution? I never did, but I kind of write down my next year's plan. For example last year plan is to travel within Indonesia a lot instead of going abroad, and it didn't happen! So this year is to still plan to travel within Indonesia more then abroad --and in addition I refuse to visit the same place for 4th or 5th or more times. I hope I can organize and plan it better this 2015.