Tamblingan Lake

Lake Tamblingan is a caldera lake located in Buleleng Regency. The lake is located at the foot of Mount Lesung in Munduk administrative village, Banjar subdistrict, Buleleng Regency, Bali. The lake is one of the three lakes that formed inside an ancient caldera, the other lakes to the east of Lake Tamblingan are Lake Buyan and Lake Bratan. Tamblingan lake is a pristine lake surrounded with dense rainforest and archaeological remnants of the 10th-century Tamblingan civilization. The lake and the surrounding settlements is designated as a spiritual tourism area protected from modern development by the government.

Lake Tamblingan is surrounded with many ancient Balinese temples (puras). The many temples surrounding the lake is associated with the ancient Tamblingan civilization. Tamblingan is first mentioned in a 900s CE copper inscription as a settlement located on the southern shore of Tamblingan Lake. This copper inscriptions was discovered in the village of Gobleg, another ancient village located near Munduk. The ancient temple Pura Dalem Tamblingan is still maintained today, located on the southern shore of Lake Tamblingan in what is now a small village of Gubug.

Due to an unknown reason, the people from the original Tamblingan village migrated to four different places in the vicinity of the lake, creating new villages collectively known as Catur Desa ("four villages"). These villages are Munduk, Gobleg, Gesing, and Umejero. The four villages shared similar spiritual belief, that is to maintain the sanctity of the lake Tamblingan. Temples were established along the lake Tamblingan to honor the gods.


Christmas wish list...

what is your Christmas wish list; other then being at the beach?

Here is a curated short list that is my wish list:


Melbourne last day

It is going to be just post about the last day in picture...
of how beautiful and easy Fitzroy is...
how dynamic CBD is...
and how relaxing St Kilda is...
also we love our Pho 7 restaurant downtown at Bourke Street...

enjoy the picture after the jump,


Fitzroy, Melbourne

Fitzroy is an inner-city suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3 km north-east of Melbourne's Central Business District (CBD) in the local government area of the City of Yarra. Planned as Melbourne's first suburb, it was later also one of the city's first areas to gain municipal status. It occupies Melbourne's smallest and most densely populated suburban area, just 100 ha.

click here for tips of what and where:


Immigration Museum, Melbourne

People have migrated to Australia for many reasons. Some flee from the ravages of war, hunger, religious persecution or political repressions. Others have been lured by a sense of adventure, by the prospect of a new beginning, of owning land, of making a fortune, or to be reunited with love ones.

Many arrive with keepsakes, precious reminders of loved ones or special places. The experiences of arriving in a new country vary from person to person.

Using sound, objects, still and moving images we explore the reasons why people left their countries to come to Australia and what they brought with them.


The Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne

The Shrine of Remembrance (commonly known among locals as The Shrine) is a war memorial in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, located in Kings Domain on St Kilda Road. It was built to honor the men and women of Victoria who served in World War I, but is now a memorial to all Australians who have served in war. It is a site of annual observances of ANZAC Day (25 April) and Remembrance Day (11 November) and is one of the largest war memorials in Australia.

Designed by architects Phillip Hudson and James Wardrop who were both World War I veterans, ...


Toorak & Como House

We are visiting Toorak for the leather shop of Siricco that has the size of leather jacket that we wanted and basically spent the rest of the day wandering around...

As we've finished with our "shopping"; we google nearby place; and we got Como House... in the list...