The Library

A couple of years back, I did a post on my closet tour, it shows pretty much my changing room as it is fashion related, even before was an "inside my closet" tour. Now I feel like you need to see what is inside my library. Since I spend a lot of time reading books too, here is how it looked like,


Church outfit

This is one of those post where I captioned "This is what I wore"
or hashtag whatIwore
I do hope your days are great and you are all having so much fun!



masturdating (n) going out alone to a movie or restaurant.

And that was exactly what I was doing, going to a movie myself and watch the Pitch Perfect 2. It was a great sequel guys! Highly entertaining and musical...



For those who are not familiar with my "Randomly" post here; it is a post about random things that I took a shot of, that is happening in my life, photos that didn't make it to any posts but I think still is a good shot or a good 'story' to tell... enjoy the picture after the jump guys... I try to captioned it as best as I can. Have a great day!


Sabrina top

Today is a good day! All sun sunny sunshine... I decided to wear my "Sabrina top" and pair it with this printed pants. I do not now how the origin of the top been named Sabrina, but surely love to wear it for a summer look... 


OCK Designs opening

I just got a haircut yesterday, was looking awesome then but now it's a bit of a mess. 
A dear friend of mine, Ong Cen Kuang has just opened his showroom and new spacious workshing space, OCK Designs' is mainly working on lamps with a bit of other interior pcs such as sofas, etc.
Go check out his amazing work here http://www.ockdesigns.com/home.php