De Tjolomadoe

De Tjolomadoe museum was a sugar factory during the golden days; built in Karanganyar area in Surakarta in the year of 1861 by Mangkunegaran IV.

Mangkunegaran IV is the 4th ruler of Mangkunegaran; a small Javanese princely state located within the region of Surakarta, middle Java, Indonesia. Mangkunegaran was established in 1757 by Raden Mas Said, when he submitted his army to Pakubuwono III and swore allegiance to the rulers of Surakarta and the Dutch East Indies Company. He was given an appanage (grant of an estate, title, office, or other thing of value) of 4000 households. Raden Mas Said became the ruler of a part of Eastern Mataram*. The palace is located in the center of the city of Surakarta and know as Pura Mangkunegaran.



Solo or commonly called Surakarta us a city in Central Java as big as 46 km square. If you are confused with the naming, don't be! Both name serve the same place. It began with the massive destruction of Kartosuro Palace due to the invasion Mataram kingdom rebels. King of Surakarta; Pakubuwana II appointed several people to find a place that will be the new royal government center. 
Surakarta Hadiningrat was the new name for Solo; and on February 17, 1745 the central government of the Mataram Kingdom was moved to Solo.


Surabaya [Mar 2019]

If you are to ask me what is it that makes me going back to Surabaya from time to time?
First answer is my niece and her baby.
Second and still most important is my best friend.

Aside from that, Surabaya is quiet a big city that is bearable compared to Jakarta. It is not that I am not well introduced to Jakarta by my Mom; and my grandpa (their origin); it's more that every time I gave Jakarta a chance, it kept on failing me. So if you to asked, yeah I have it!

Surabaya is in East Java, similar manners as Malang where I grew up. Same language, similar food, plus there are malls, anything I can't get in Bali--I will shop it here.

There you go. Enjoy the picture after the jump!


Unemployment stress

I love to write just about anything that's on my mind. In the past I wrote editorials and sometimes just a journal-like stories.

As I am in my self-improvement phase, I wanted my writings to become meaningful. Meaningful to me is to help others.

This hopefully become a series. Series of self-improvement for others, a sort of motivator.

This one is about the unemployment stress.

When we lose a job, it depends on which stage in our life that we lose our job. As when we were young, we do not care that much and start to find a replacement. Some might want to continue do whatever and some wants to build a resume.

At the stage when you are over 40 or even almost 50 years old, you start to worry. And I get it! The competitions out there, demands of market, the cliché of job hunter; all this added the main stress that we feel.


Glutten Free: Canggu

If you are out and about in Canggu area and have a glutten intolerance and do not want to risk it; then Oka's Bakery is definitely the bakery and restaurant that you wanted to go and eat!

Wide range and reasonable price, I just love this place, it's my favorite!


Nyepi, Day of Silence

For the Balinese, Nyepi is the "Day of Silence". This day is commemorated every Isakawarsa (the Saka new year), This year it falls on March 7,2019.

On the day of silence, the Balinese took the moment for a self reflection, anything that is considered activities will not be done. No lights, no electricity, no travelling, no fire, no cooking, no internet, no cable TV, no talking, sometimes not even eating.
It is a 24 hours of total blackout.


Artotel Beach Club Sanur

This place never fail me in terms of lounging and having a good time! Minimum price for the beach chair and cabana has increasing, deducted from spending of F&B, you will be all good and taken care off. Enjoy!