new in

I am in love with this sling bag / hand bag from Colorbox, off 50%, of course I decided to take it home!

yesterday was my sister's birthday, happy birthday Sist.... may you have a long, happy and prosperous life!


I am rich!

I am quiet happy with the orchid plants I have at home, they are blooming almost all the time and not seasonal. The flowers just bring such joy and happiness, and today I decided to stand and took outfit pictures near them....

opted for a simple and easy outfit to the office today, here is my tshirt! I am rich!

and here is a photo of my grandpas that my sister just found among other old photos,
aren't they the most stylish and handsome young men?


sunday church

In this particular Sunday I choose my dress instead of choosing a shoes than the outfit, it turned out okay I reckon!



purple green

ouffff... I am too busy to make selection, 
all these descent enough pictures might as well made it to this post,

on the way to the office today, there is a ceremony going on... and than I remembered! 
This is Bali and ceremony can happen anytime from time to time....
I love this island!

and we are back to my outfit of the day, 
my top today is made out of a beach Sarong, same as the one here
and the back part I have specially asked to have a visible zipper,


movie date (Looper)

Yes, it is a movie date well deserved! I have been busy with work and chores these days that I have missed so many good movies! You're not gonna believe that I missed Batman the Dark Knight Rise... yup! I missed that one in particular... dang!!!

But this afternoon, its the movie Looper, its a movie about the suffering economic collapse in 2044 in the U.S. (ehrrrrr.....) but yeah... in addition, a mutation has occurred in ten percent of the population giving them telekinetic powers (the ability to levitate small objects. Thirty years further into the future in 2074, time travel is invented, but is immediately outlawed. Tracking technology has rendered it nearly impossible to dispose of bodies secretly, so crime bosses use illicit time travel to send those they want killed to the past where they are killed by "loopers": assassins paid with silver bars strapped to the victim. When crime bosses want to end a looper's contract, they send his present self back to be killed by his younger self, referred to as "closing the loop". Failing a contract is a death sentence.

I don't want to be a party pooper, so the rest is just for you guys to find out, watch the movie, I categorized this movie as 'entertaining'

instagram of my accessories for the day,

Google image of Looper poster,



sunday church

after church, meet up with friends and had lunch, crab noodles, yummmm....

and continue to Johny Rockets for mini burgers & desert, yummmmmm....

apple pie with vanilla ice cream,

posing on the scooter in the GAP store

some new in, a bikini bottom and flip flop,

my top by Ciel
jeans by Dual
heels by Charles & Keith
bag by Marie Claire


Recharge Night: Resorts Glamourous

Too bad that I don't have outfit photos, I guess I just will update as I go, must run now, 
thank you for reading!