Barefoot on the beach

As you probably read in my previous posts, I am none but a weekender and stay-cation person!

Work –my main bread maker– situation right now, unable me to travel longer time and longer distance. I guess I am the only one that the company relied on, that’s sorta’ great!

Now that I have weekend in my hand, I am opting to stay at the Candidasa coastline. Candidasa is a resort area located in the district of Karangasem, Bali. It is within the Gulf Amok which is one of the famous places to dive.
With a nice setting and nice beach life surrounds me, I am opting to do a very simple photo shot with my Thara Bali Jewelry that I cannot get over with. It is such an endless love affair…

This time, sporting the Paras (=brick) motif that is classic and available probably all over the world!
Thara Bali concept is that with this classic motif that are easy to be found, can be beautifully interpret into a beautiful jewelry. Whether the Great Wall of China, the great Pyramid wall in Egypt, the great Coloseum wall in Rome, etc. it uses the shape of stacking bricks.

Balinese wall or buildings are using the same brick shapes, and the bricks are made out of rock, called Paras. There you go! Brick motif belongs to the world and Thara Bali has made it personal, by stacking the bricks into silver jewelry motifs and adding beautiful carving of secret story inside each peace.

As you can see here, the Pharaoh’ hidden secret carved as a hugging back-grill, sharing only the secret to the holder of the cuff.

What do you think guys? I am completely swoon, check out more collection here www.tharabali.com

thank you all for stopping by and viewing the post...

photos of me on the beach by Gesti Adnan


  1. I see you had lots fun on the beach <3

  2. You look amazing dear!

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  3. Your bangle is amazing!

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  4. I love that bathing suit!! It is so flattering!

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  5. Gorgeous photos !


  6. love..
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  7. Absolutely beautiful!

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