Sun doesn't always shine on paradise

Yup! The sun doesn't always shine on paradise... today is super cloudy day and its a little bit of chilly. I am opting to sport my jacket today. And this is what I wore to the office a wet hair and jacket on...



Throwback to the year of 2006.. The time when I loved to party, and man I did party hard.... 
Those were images of this top from Body & Soul clothing, and this is how I look last time in it,
 not bad for 8 years and a few pounds later, right?
Yes, I was skinny back then, but I was never a bi**h

thank you all for stopping by and viewing the post...


Lunch date

 One of my best friend is visiting, and we are going out to have lunch, this is going to be funnn! Lots of catching up to do.This is what I pick for the outfit on the lunch date,


Sunday Church

Oh my gosh... the weather lately... it's been cloudy with the chance of raining.
Not feeling my best these couple of days, been down with running nose.
This is my look for this Sunday,  I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoying your Sunday... 


Beach Day

Back to this "not easy" dress, I feel like the puffy look is disadvantaging.... 
but hey, I love the comfy feeling :)  


Beach time

Yes, its another beach visit. One beach after another.... this time its breakfast by the Sanur beach followed by playing in the sea...


Summer is here

Its summer / school holiday for my nephew, so going to the beach is compulsory!


Sunday Church

 Happy Sunday all...how was your weekend? Mine was usual Sunday Church, followed by lunch and a little bit of shopping with a friend. 


Celebrate good time...

I completely forgot about these pictures from the Bahiana Latin club party from a couple weeks back. It was an invitation of this Latin club 10th anniversary; I was having a great time with my brother and my friends...