Ubud Food Festival 2016: Manifested Meal

I am blessed to join such an awesome 2-week ceramic workshop with the title "Food Meets Plate" culminating appropriately in a Manifested Meal; on which all of the 20 participants / artists are the star in a private dinner upon our own inspired vessels at the international Ubud Food Festival 2016!

We were "assigned" to create 9 vessels for 9 course dinner. Of course when you hear the word "assigned" or "assignment" you'll be in a whole lot of stress. We were not! We were having fun! We were having a blast!



No corners, no side

Call this as behind the theme of my “Manifested Meal” dinner set! So this task that was given to us, is to create 9 course dinner set that will display both the food and the ceramic pieces that each of “Culinary Clay” participants are making (in conjunction to Ubud Food Festival and Moksa restaurant special event with renown Chef Made Runatha).

I had several ideas in mind for the dinner set, and upon working on it, I stray away from the initial idea and just come to 1 (one) motif that described me most! A dot!


Lace up!

I feel like wearing something chic, yet want to feel comfortable, so I just being myself! Sneakers and a dress ;)

I have written this long message and was meaning to post it here, but I am sure I will bore you to death! So here is the super short version of the write up, sum up to:
The natural world is wonderful, it's even miraculous. How do you find meaning and purpose in life? 
Life partakes friendship, love, irony, humor, laughter, family, literature, music, and freedom!
Stay free of materialism, the universe contains of potentials, exhaust it. Live and love so immensely!


Sneakers High

I was aiming to purchase this Adidas black canvas ori lo when I was in Korea, they are already out of season there and so the price is cheaper. As I happily browse, they don't have my size! 
Its an easy 37-1/3
So I aim for a Stan Smith, nope, don't have my size too!

Okay, move on to Superstar, hell no they don't have. Only big numbers... grrr...

Superstar ADV low sole, nope! not even in white stripe color

What the hell! Mind you, Seoul sneakers store seems to stock mostly lifestyle model, not cross-training or trekking ones. WTH??

So I was aiming to this 4 floor New Balance flag-store in Hongdae for NB pigskin, none was there in my size 37.5

Aren't they just beauty?

So I went home to Bali and got this one instead, Reebok dirt kicker. Trust me, I rarely bought Reebok, always New Balance All Terrain.

so tell me guys, what is your fave sneakers, lifestyle or training ...

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Tubular skirt

Get back to what you love... does that means I will have mono-color wardrobe like I did over a decade ago... oops!

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Sometimes you just start your day with all enthusiasm and think "seize the moment!"
Some people spent their life trying to figure out what happiness is; while some are making huge efforts to grasp the concept. Sadly enough, some never really realized that happiness is in their own heart and that their minds are playing tricks and all sorts of games.

It takes littlest to make me happy, honestly... and most of the time, following my happiness –moment takes me by surprise, the moment has seized me! When it does, sometimes I captured it with my camera…
at the gallery,


That's a wrap!

I love to pick on my own brain, to refresh it and consume it with new things, new places and making new memories. World can be so big and yet so small, it all depends on how you act and react against the whole scheme.

To travel [for me] is a real journey of discovery, it is not about seeking new landscapes, its about having a new eyes on seeing things. Travel educates me, teaching me about being patient, being understanding –and with that, it calmed me yet it moved me so fast… I don’t know if you guys can relate to this.

I always wanted to discover new places, meeting new people –whether in person or in mind; or just get lost and yet in the same time get bonded in their gestures… By then, I lose sight of where I came from and I become one with this new land, new minds… it exhilarating. When my feet finally touched the ground, I am schooled! I realized where I came from and I wanted to be a better me. Again, I hope you guys can relate to this, and if you are not, that’s okay too! Someone told me that: I always be my best self, I feel too deep, fall too deep, act too real but in results it put others in their best place in life. I don’t know about that, but I really enjoyed travel [and the process] and all heart about it!

“Love, like everything else in life, should be a discovery, an adventure, and like most adventures, you don’t know you’re having one until you’re right in the middle of it.” E. Bucchianeri

To Travel is To Love with an abiding passion...


Bukchon Seoul Korea (day 6)

Bukchon Hanok Village is a Korean traditional village that is composed with lots of alleys. The village is preserved to show a 600-year-old urban environment as well as a traditional culture center and Hanok (Korean traditional houses) restaurant. Apparently we are to experience the atmosphere of the Joseon Dynasty. The area of Bukchon was traditionally the residential quarter of high-ranking government officials and nobility during the Joseon Dynasty.