Baby Pink

Anyone who read my past-post about online shopping, must already know that it is just NOT for me. For shoes in particular. I have a sorta difficult size if I may say. I am a 37.5 EU size (6.5). The other day I thought I wanted to purchase this slip-on online... I didn't went and order size 38 because it will be too big for me. And what happened? 37 is too big...


Sunday Church

how's your weekend guys? hope all funnn...
Happy Sunday!

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What can I say guys? I am a repeat offender... Yes! the clothes that are posted here are my daily ones. Endorsed by the one and only, ME! haha... So expect 'rotation'! I am trying not to rotate that closely to the earlier post. Wishing you all a very nice weekend....


Bucket List

Every now and then [when I have time], I keep track of where I went and list all the places that I visited -pinning all the dots in the map; so far it is listed as 126 cities and 17 countries. What can I say? I am a travel addict! I can be like browsing for tickets and didn't even start with the ticket(s) I have in hand, seriously! 
I called the game "point a spot on the map"

But enough about that... I wanted to share with you guys about my bucket list, a list of places that I wanted to visit. It seems to grow and grow. I spent so much money on travelling like no one ever! I didn't only visit a city for one time and that's it. I can visit Bangkok for 5 times, Hong Kong 8 times, Gold Coast for 8 times, Singapore (20 times? I lost count) and many more....
Just because I love the place and want to come back! 
I most of the times spent long stay (2 weeks until 3 months)
Nowadays, I just wanted to check my bucket list because I might run out of time (and money)... hahaha...

And if you are to ask me where is the #1 place that is in the top of my list? That will be INDIA...
Yes! and me (and my best friend) will go here for a period of one month stay.
This is so excited! Hoping to spot these... (images below are not mine)

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Black White Stripes

A few days ago was the company anniversary, and we are celebrating it at the zoo; picnic and all...
Here are some pictures of the animals, love their faces!



So this is what I wore for a movie date watching Dracula Untold starring Luke Evans...


Quilted & Chain

I just can't help myself, this structured sling bag with turn-lock closure in a black is a textured design comes with a chain strap for versatility. Quilted and chain, how can you not love it?



And here I am, posting another Randomly series again....
Pictures that I have taken (or a picture of me taken by a friend); that didn't make it to an outfit post...
Enjoy the picture after the jump! Beware of too much food pictures :P

Lunch at La Taverna by the beach in Sanur


Sunday Church

Hi guys.... how was your weekend? I hope you all had fun! I spent Saturday sitting with my best friend with one computer and a great internet connection plus a credit card. We are booking our accommodation for our India trip and finalizing the tour.


Orangutan [North Sumatra unpublished]

As mentioned in my post here, I am inspired to share with you my travel to Bukit Lawang to visit Orangutan  & Lake Toba -the biggest crater lake in the world. Both are completely different place and separated by kilometers away.

Bukit Lawang is a small village at the bank of Bahorok River in North Sumatra (Sumatra is one of the big island in the Indonesian archipelago) approximately 86 km north-west of Medan (capital city of North Sumatra). Bukit Lawang is known for the largest animal sanctuary of  Sumatran orangutan (around 5,000 orangutans occupy the area -or maybe less), and also the main access point to the Leuser Montain National Park (coming from the east side).



Today's office attire, super easy and very practical... or am I just justifying laziness of putting together an outfit? haha... at least its clean!