Nude & Leafs

Time fly by sooo fast! One day you are preparing for New Year's eve another day is almost the end of the month! It was a great beginning of year, I hope yours too..... 

and now its time to register my suitcase online, yep, just in case guys....

thank you all for reading!


pants from Minimal
top by FO
heels by Charles & Keith


Extra Long

As you all may know (and the one that don't know yet can continue reading this and follow the links), that I am a Hasher.  So you are still wondering what a hasher is? You can find out here. On this particular 15 KM run, the run site was just amazing, we jungle run, cross the river, walk the rice field, get into the slope of the muddy forest... was a great 15K, you all can agree after the picture jump.... enjoy!

And the t shirt given away as a reward for the extra long runner is just too cute!

thank you all for reading, I hope I tickle your curiosity...



Sunday Church

Right after church I head for a fresh pedicure,

arm swag of the day,

shoes & bag by Charles & Keith


Rock Bar [unpublished]

As I run-through my archive of photos, I found these of mine chillaxing at the Rock Bar Bali. It started as a hot day but ended up with a magical sunset. It was a beautiful day! Here are the photos,


At Home

Hi guys! You all probably haven't read / look back at my older post here, yup! at home I didn't always look glamorous, sometimes just in my lingerie or in tshirt + shorts, here I am in super short dress of only $2

Again, glamorous is irrelevant! Thank you all for reading!


White Ruffle on Green

What an interesting day today, I am finalizing soon to be "the holiday" of the year. Its gonna be a blast and the location is awesome too. Will update it on a blog post for sure guys! Have a fantastic mid-week!



Okay, I've been posting outfit, after outfit, after outfit ensemble! So here I am feeling like sharing these images that I think are awesome..... Enjoy guys!
  [don't you just love it watching all those people trying to take picture of the wave as the background]

[Tanah Lot at its best, flock of people!]

[sunset is beautiful today]

[approved by ministry of enjoyment!]

Bonne nuit a tous!