Hiking in mountain sandals

Never say never! I was against the mountain sandals (sepatu gunung) as I think it is just unflattering to female feet. It just a nose dive to the world of ugly. And now, as the Indonesian says... I am licking back my own spit! (yuck, I know!).



I know... I know... here is my outfit of the day! Repeating the dress, but never repeat the style... 


Toraja, Rantepao, South Sulawesi [unpublished]

I was scrolling images on my Instagram @grace_njio was liking and admiring images from a friend of mine that is now in Toraja, South Sulawesi; in the same time I am reminiscing on my own trip, how the trip was one of the highlight in my life. My father didn't allow me to visit one year before my trip to Toraja because of the ethnic feud in villages near Toraja, but then as it has been resolved, I spent a week there, track the land of Toraja for 3 days, stays in the village Tongkonan house (with a balm corps stored in the same house different room), visit the most beautiful rice fields, went to visit coffee plantation of which the coffee is my fave (yes, Toraja coffee!), given the honor to join funeral (in Toraja it is considered important festival).

I picked some images from plenty that I have to sum up the trip, brace yourself its going to be a huge post! Enjoy!

Londa Cemetery


Movie date

Or should I say movie dates?
I cannot miss this post, I just saw these photos on desktop folder and decided to compose this post.
These summer movie release obligated me to top up my Movie Tickets points; after all, it is the time of the year when all box office movies are out, here are a couple that I watched, 


Singapore in pictures

I must say that I am a little bit bored staying here in Bali! Don't get me wrong, I love Bali. But to a certain extend, I need to be in another atmosphere and surroundings and robotic habitual... hahaha... sorry you guys! I mean by robotic is the extra wandering around on foot in Singapore streets around Singaporeans... (picture this, stylish crowd you almost feels like you are in Europe). Yasss...
I can only sum up with only a few photos, here goes my 3N4D trip:
Haji Lane, a must visit place in Singapore for Singaporean/ local designers items!

These little boutique carries awesome stuff I must say! Specially fashion, home & lifestyle!


Modernized Kebaya

How to modernized a kebaya? Wear a pants with it! And this is my take guys...

I was invited to a lunch prior ceremony at the temple next to my working place, and so casual traditional look seems to be appropriate :)


Military look in my belt

The outfit today is about belting this dress in a different way, with a military-look-alike belt!