I am back with the random shots post again, I know, its a series and I am a seriously serial offender! There are moments in life when you goes "damn, I wish I have a camera with me", but in my case "damn, I am glad I have my camera with me!" So here you are enjoying the shots that didn't make it to the posts... some did the same with their post by calling it "Photo Diary" some calling it "Week in photo diary" but I always called it "Randomly" from the beginning because its a showcase of random shots of anything! Enjoy the picture after the jump!

play-suit... like literally I play in this suit... :D 



I almost forgot about this post from over a week ago! I was in a staycation, a period in which I stays home (home as hometown) and participates myself in leisurely activities within driving distance! Except, that the driving distance is 2,5 hours drive and away from home and in fact I rent a villa for a night!


Church outfit

This is the post that went without a long story, just an outfit post of what I wore to church...


Barefoot on the beach

As you probably read in my previous posts, I am none but a weekender and stay-cation person!

Work –my main bread maker– situation right now, unable me to travel longer time and longer distance. I guess I am the only one that the company relied on, that’s sorta’ great!


NUMBERS (a night at the exhibition)

It's a night at the exhibition and here I am. Talking about the accessories of the night; I am wearing the silver jewelry from Thara Bali, Paras collection. I am sooo behind with my posts that I have to make up to you guys with a complete post about this Paras collection that I will photo-shot this weekend! Where-else to photo shot but by the sea? Stay tuned!


Thara Bali Jewelry

Embodied the rich tradition of Balinese silversmith; drawing inspirations from intensely rich surroundings, living and breathing ancient artistry & culture; combining all with scrupulous details on 925 quality silver designs, Thara Bali Jewelry stands behind everything they’d create!



Introducing the new addition to the family... my spike burgundy heels. Here is my last church outfit..


Stories of tee-shirts

As I travel to places in the world, most of the time I came across the opportunity for shopping. And when the opportunity present itself, I would purchase a tee shirt for me. At least 1 tee shirt I will take home, and wear them back in Bali. Why a tee shirt? Because most of the time -with Bali climate- I would wear tee shirts! These tee shirts will be a memento that I held close, of memories I spent at the places I visited, the air, the colors, the smell, the sound, PRICELESS!