sunday church

Than I change the shoes with black flip flop and change the long pants into short! Off we go to the BBQ lunch at friend's house... yippee



ma petit montage

Montages is an art form consisting of putting together or assembling various smaller pictures to create a larger work. This is my first post of montages, random things that I really like, things that I saw in the magazine, movie, online or on the street. Today, these things are what I like best!

. “Trust your heart if the seas catch fire, live by love though the stars walk backward.”
– E.E. Cummings


sunday church

[love this belt, its 10 years old now]

thank you for stopping by and viewing the post...


movie date

the outfit,

the movie,

the shoes,

the post is dedicated to Limbuk RIP 17.01.2012

and Ting Ting RIP 18.01.2012

♥TingTing♥ ♥Limbuk♥


Glamorous is irrelevant

Glamorous is irrelevant, I'd say!
Hahahahaha....how do we actually look like daily before all the dressing up for our blog photos? 
or how do we look before dressing up for our fiesta / function / calendar / jollification / church day...

At home, my daily look is t shirt / tanks + shorts; and lingerie for sleeping ~in the pleasure of my hubby only and  strictly for his eyes only, so don't expect me to post any of it!!! ;-D

I just woke up, clean my room, turn on the computer, tweet for work, download working email to reply later, and making me some coffee....

without any ado, this is how I look... Glamorous eh?

hahaha.... good-old-stinky me! 


Beach culture

Sun, Sea, Sand, Beach!

Living in Bali and owning only 1 pair of bikini is a curse! You'll never have enough, you have to have more, here are mine as of today (some are still wet -hanging outside), and I still have my eyes open for more...

set by Rip Curl

set by My Body

bikini bottom by H&M 

bikini bottom by Rip Curl

bikini top by H&M

set by Lasona (veryyyyy old one! my fave one! only use them for massage by the pool / by the beach)

 set by Body & Soul

tankini by Target Australia
{very handy for when I am bloating.....}

set by My Body

set by Rip Curl

bikini top by Body & Soul

the bikini body I adore, Marilyn Monroe (before she turns blonde)

I don't have the body anymore for 2 piece bikini since I put on 8kg body weight (or fat weight), but I don't care, I just want to enjoy life and as far as I am concerned, people can look away! ahahaha... :D


Ikat motif

Tenun Ikat is Indonesian cloth weaving craft, where a fabric been woven from strands of the weft or warp of threads that were previously tied and dipped in natural dyes.

The loom used is not a machine. The Ikat fabrics can be sewn to clothing and fashion accessories, upholstery furniture, or interior decorating. You can see below some cushion covers I have made from Tenun Ikat fabric.

Before weaving, the strands of yarn wrapped (bound) with a plastic strap in accordance with a pattern or a desired decorative pattern. When dyed, the yarn is tied with plastic straps will not stain. Made of double Ikat weaving weft and warp yarns which are both already given a motive through binding technique before dipped into the dye.