Gunung Kawi Shrine

Gunung Kawi is a Hindu Temple complex from the stone era dated in the Gianyar regency. Based on the inscription of Tengkulak on 945 Saka (Balinese calendar), which is released by Marakata King (1049 - 1077). The complex comprises 10 rock-cut shrines carved into the cliff face and stands 7 meters high sheltered niches cut into the sheer cliff face. These monuments are to be dedicated to King Anak Wungsu of the Udayana dynasty and his favorite queen.

Off from the temple on to the beach for lunch.... 

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Porcelain jewelry

So what have I been up to? Joining a porcelain jewelry workshop for a week! Pictured here are black band ring and the tube necklace that I made during the workshop. Can't tell the details of the tube pendant necklace here in the photo but it has texture. It was a very nice and very productive workshop. We all enjoyed it so much! Below you will see the participants and their proudly hand made jewelries; plus some of their pcs that I think are their masterpieces....



With a chance of bright sunny day, I am all dressed up in bikinis and this white romper.
Beach, wait for me!


What a mesh

I got the chance to mix and match this mesh skirt again, and this is how I do it,


Rendezvous: An Artistic Odyssey

Its another exhibition opening of Ponco Setyohadi, and I've edited a short write up about the exhibition, here goes:


All the way down

After all the trip up on the mountain, lunching, wandering around the orange orchard, shopping day... we drive all the way down to the sea and taking a coffee break. After all... its a very nice day to be outside...


Sunday Church

Anyone who ever visits my blog several time and read the bits of each post must know by now that my shoes/ heels/ sandals drive my outfit.Opting to show off my new pair of wedges booties, here I am repeating the top from last week church outfit paired with camo pants. I just love the comfort feeling of this booties and the extra heights that it gives.... ahhh... the gift that keep on giving...


Keramas beach

We are still in the area of Keramas beach whereas the Beach club is situated, there are so many nice images that I think are decent enough to make it into a whole post, so here goes,


Beach Club day

Back to the Komune beach club, it was a very nice sunny day and my niece and I decided to have lunch and chillaxing at the beach club, here are some photos of the superfine day....


Over the clouds and under

It's a beautiful day to visit the Jatiluwih rice field, although it's planting season, it is still gorgeous here...
So today I am wearing the view... ;)


Sunday Church

Aside from my sinus problem (as you can see here my eyes are swollen), my weekend is pretty much amazing... I hope yours too.... Have a good Sunday all....



Hi you guys... I am back with the Randomly post again, photos that didn't made it to the outfit post but I so much wanted to share it with you. About daily life in Bali, what caught my eyes, what made me happy... You will see a lot of food involved, it is one of my passion and obsession... lol...

Gaya Gelato before hash run... yummm...
Enjoy the pictures after the jump!