Chinatown night & day

dinner at the Chinatown Singapore,

metro back to the hotel,my sister in law sits across me so... picture time!

yes, I love this spot!

my sister in law,

 Shirt made to order from fabric I purchased here (Alta Moda)
Shorts by Exit
Bag by Elizabeth Bag
Sunglasses by Roxy (Miller)
Flats by The little things she needs


Marina Bay Sands skypark

 these macaroons are surprisingly yummmmmmie......

yesterday's weather is compensate by today's clear day.....

char kwee tiaw, yummmmmie.......

finally got the #2 and #3 trilogy of Hunger Games,

view by nite (this one image is googled),

Yellow shirt by Ciel
Shorts by Exit
Flats by The Little things she needs
Bag by Elizabeth bag Indonesia
Sunglasses by H&M


Not a very clear day....

very lucky that we didn't book our ticket for Universal Studio online! It was thunder lighting and hard rain....

always happy about everything and nothing,

see what I mean with HARD rain?

 back to the city from RWS, and opted for Mango Delights,

better MRT ride and visit other places,

Short dress~ Cotton On
Flats~ The Little things she needs
Bag~ Elizabeth bag Indonesia
Sunglasses~ H&M


Visit to the Merlion city

Before I leave this earrrrly morning, hubby give me this [in love]

Since me and my sister in law arrived early, we just continue to stroll Orchard road, and of course followed by a little bit of shopping (oops!)

yummie Laksa dish,

how is my new H&M aviator sunglasses?

art exhibition hall,


lunch date

Lunch date today is at the 'Bebek Tepi Sawah' Restaurant (translates to 'duck by the rice field')
Just before lunch, stop by at hubby studio,

my sister in-law posing just before we went for lunch,

post before lunch,

our lunch, crispy duck, was oh-so-good!!!

my bracelets of today, 

Dress by Villa
Flip flop by Ipanema
Bracelets by MOD silver, John Hardy, and a found in Chinatown Singapore


sunday church

my bracelet is really cheap, from Chinatown in Singapore,

I love the brick exposed wall from a house of my girlfriend house,  

the advertisement of this heels in black color by Charles & Keith,



This is what I roll with (not who with)

My nail polish, gotta have these for my pedi,

my watch, always wear them, (not altogether)

my sunglasses, can't face the daylight without them!

I love the details of my sunglasses, like here it shows -the handle is at the bottom frame,

another details, bling!

and my perfume, Cartier, Dior and Guerlain

Like my niece would say "dat is gaaf toch tante...."


Not so ordinary life

The brunch I prepared for myself before leaving for chores today, vegetable fried noodle,

a picture time near our new statue, love it! its a very exquisite work of art from Balinese sculptor,

the details of my vintage necklace (from my grandma)

an itty bitty butterfly in our bathroom, it flies in, soooo lovely! (it was probably half cm long, this is a zoom)

the other fabric (aside from white that I have to purchase for the event), was on sale for 4 euro per meter, I just bought it and don't know yet what I am going to make use of this fabric,

that was bits of my -not-so-ordinary-life,

tshirt by FO
jeans short by Ako
flip flop by Ipanema
bag by Elizabeth Bag