Earth: the matter of us (night at the exhibition)

It is a night at the exhibition! Haven't had that for a while... 
"Earth: the matter of us

this place is different  and it’s a different time
tasmania to gaya … places apart

different clays
new kilns
and the company of fellow makers whose tunes are various

and here
as at home
I find by clay and fire touch with a geo-primordial past

clay like people
people like clay
each everywhere … coincidences of matter" ~ Neil Hoffmann (Tasmania AU)

The artist,

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Long Vest

Coffee before brunch

Brunch ambiance at Deus ex Machina

hash brown, bacon, mushroom, egg and such...

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The Library

A couple of years back, I did a post on my closet tour, it shows pretty much my changing room as it is fashion related, even before was an "inside my closet" tour. Now I feel like you need to see what is inside my library. Since I spend a lot of time reading books too, here is how it looked like,

there are plenty of sun coming in from the window, which is perfect for this room, plus the sofa can be opened into a bed! Yes, I sometimes read til I fall asleep...

plenty of interior designs magazine and books, I have sorted about 2800 magazines (mostly fashion mags) and throw them out.

books that are considered "active" for me, meaning: I re-read them,

behind the front row there are books on the second row,

books that I haven't read yet,

my traveling books, yes I studied before I visit a place. India is missing because a friend is borrowing it,

currently in my car, my on the go books,

have donate these books to an American friend who's ecstatic to receive them, 

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Church outfit

This is one of those post where I captioned "This is what I wore"
or hashtag whatIwore
I do hope your days are great and you are all having so much fun!

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masturdating (n) going out alone to a movie or restaurant.

And that was exactly what I was doing, going to a movie myself and watch the Pitch Perfect 2. It was a great sequel guys! Highly entertaining and musical...

This is what I wore, 

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For those who are not familiar with my "Randomly" post here; it is a post about random things that I took a shot of, that is happening in my life, photos that didn't make it to any posts but I think still is a good shot or a good 'story' to tell... enjoy the picture after the jump guys... I try to captioned it as best as I can. Have a great day!

Coffee by the beach at the afternoon, why not?

New colors in my life...

Uluwatu Temple, what a view

this place...

Blessing before the dance

The Kecak Dancer...

Hanoman in the fire dance...

Balinese offerings...

cooking class in the village,

authentic Balinese cuisine, love this cooking class!

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