The other day... I went for dinner....

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Just the other day I read about male comments on female instagram hashtags, and one of the comment was "I hate female that hashtaging brands... it means that they are endorsed by the brand.."
My reaction was "WTF!" (sorry Mom). I for one, finance all my blog post here -everything I wore is out of my pocket, and if not, I normally mention that its a gift or something. The reason I mentioned the brand is because since ages ago (pre-blogger), I always have questions like "nice dress, label?" etc. Plus, if we are mentioning it, because we are satisfied customer... haha...
I love this tee shirts that are made by Play Fellow (JJ weekend market Bangkok - Thailand). Every time I go to Bangkok, I make sure that the weekend period is included, because I always visits the JJ market. The Play Fellow tee shirts are unique in print, good quality for a nice cheap bargain. 
Yup they are!
I can't seems to find  old post with their tee (yeay...means an upcoming unpublished post about Sumatra trip and Orang Hutan --that's when I remembered I use some of these Play Fellow tee).
Here goes my office attire look, totally endorsed by me...

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Soie Folle (Hermes)

The name of the game is "dressing up the magazine pages"... When I got this free pages from my Singapore Elle; my first thought was... "wow... these scarfs..." then I went straight to "wow.. the ad campaign images!!!" I so want to dress up this pages. Feeling inspired, here goes my version:

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The pages are wearing: 
Cover - John Hardy sterling silver Bamboo cross necklace
#2 - S$10 Chinatown clutch
#3 - Metal & Cubic zircon Palm pin
#4 - Grammes silver and semi precious dangling necklace
#5 - Argento sterling silver and pearl chandelier earrings
#6 - Janice Girardi sterling silver and pearl rolling ring
#7 - Perlini pendant & pearl bracelet
#8 - Gemala sterling silver & faceted pearl earrings
#9 - Cotton on sunglasses
#10 - New Look bikini bottom

Gardens by the bay

I don't have any outfit photos as I am traveling with my parents this time. We are visiting Gardens by the bay, it is a park spanning 101 hectares (1,010,000 m2) of reclaimed land, and if I am not mistaken, it is the most recent reclaimed land of Singapore. It is situated in central Singapore adjacent to the Marina reservoir. The park consists of three waterfront gardens: Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden.The largest of the three gardens is Bay South Garden, standing at 54 hectares. Opting for flip flop as we are going to walk around the gardens.. there are Indian garden, Malay garden, Chinese garden and many more sites.
I was here during the day and came back at night for the garden symphony.... it was magical!

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and what not...

So here I am with Singapore Travel Diary [part two], we were visiting the city/country and went to all the places, tourist attractions and what not....
I love the macadamia caramel popcorn of Garrett, its the best! 

When you are in Singapore, Laksa is a must!

Happy face at TWG, best for its tea-macaroon

four down, 2 to go!

my Singapore Elle and Almond Caramel Garrett

with Mom on the way to Lau Pa Sat for lunch

have visited Chinatown during the day 

and this is how the lampoon during the night 

the lampoon in Chinatown, right after the lampoon festival

Marina Bay Sands skypark

Sometimes ago I have been staying at the Marina Bay Sands... I think it will be a long while for the next one #toopriceyforme #onetimeisenough

blisters after alllll that walk!

lock and love at the Clarke Quay 

Coffee time is a must!

Next stop: Garden by the bay....

Love this 'paperwork' .... #theshopesatmarinabaysands

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