and what not...

So here I am with Singapore Travel Diary [part two], we were visiting the city/country and went to all the places, tourist attractions and what not....
I love the macadamia caramel popcorn of Garrett, its the best! 

When you are in Singapore, Laksa is a must!

Happy face at TWG, best for its tea-macaroon

four down, 2 to go!

my Singapore Elle and Almond Caramel Garrett

with Mom on the way to Lau Pa Sat for lunch

have visited Chinatown during the day 

and this is how the lampoon during the night 

the lampoon in Chinatown, right after the lampoon festival

Marina Bay Sands skypark

Sometimes ago I have been staying at the Marina Bay Sands... I think it will be a long while for the next one #toopriceyforme #onetimeisenough

blisters after alllll that walk!

lock and love at the Clarke Quay 

Coffee time is a must!

Next stop: Garden by the bay....

Love this 'paperwork' .... #theshopesatmarinabaysands

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Singapore Travel Diary [part one]

So here I am back in Singapore again for 4N5D, and what is my #1 mistake? Not to bring my good camera when I go out today! Here are random images from day one, Hindu temple in Little India and from waterfront at Esplanade, will post some more images and will probably split it into two more posts when I have time. Have a great day all....

this is me and my dad...

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What I wore

And after the fashion parade was the Recharge party with theme Black Sleek, this is what I wore for the event...

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Fashion Parade

Finally something that I can attend this week within my busy schedule.
So its the Bali Fashion Parade that is the opening of the Recharge party of the year...
Fashion designers such as Oka Diputra, La Charisma, Fabiola and Uluwatu lace were in the runway... 
Here are the shots guys,

the red carpet,

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