Potter's life: Friday Twilight market at Titi Batu Ubud

As you all might know, I am a potter, and when potter creates, they tend to sell their creation to funds their habit of creating more and more... because, makers gonna make, so they say.

Here are images from Titi Batu Ubud that held the Twilight Friday Market... enjoy the images after the jump!



I cannot believe that my last "Randomly" post was back in April...
To those whom has seen my randomly post before, would know that it is about many things that I've heard, places I went, people I've met—that touched my life. Happenings in my life that I do not post here on the blog... let's just say that it is a compilation of pictures that has not been blogged about!

I am striving to stay awake to be in the moment, soak on the smell, mentally captured what I saw and listen's to the sound—snap I went to capture these moments as they come.

"True love is not a strong, fiery, impetuous passion. It is, on the contrary, an element calm and deep. It looks beyond mere externals, and is attracted by qualities alone. It is wise and discriminating, and its devotion is real and abiding." ~Ellen G. White

I just love this quotes, I can quote it over and over...

Rudhaksa seeds, that what makes your Mala necklace,

 Gluten free almond tuille, choco chip cookies and apricot cookies...

The gank on a Sunday lunch, 

the beverage that match your shirt!

love the tiles,

hashing day,

truly hashing in paradise...

beautiful temple statue,

lunch underway with this view, priceless!

my fave whiskey affogato

my fave GF banana cake!

I regret the using of plastic straw,

thank you all for stopping by and viewing the post...


Sanur Village Festival 2019

The 2019 Sanur Village Festival is the 14th village party that is held within the village of Sanur, Badung regency.  August until September is the best month to have the village festival in Sanur. It is the month of the windy season, thus the kite festival that comes along as a part of the Sanur Village Festival is just perfect to be held the festivities.

Instead of having the festival at the Segara Beach, this year it is held at the Matahari Terbit beach. It was a wise decision. In terms of location and how the place would accommodate parking, stage(s), food vendors, etc. –it’s PERFECT!
Since the beginning of Bali village festivals, Sanur village was not the most popular! But to date, it is one of the best and the only Bali village festival that made it to Indonesia’s top eight tourism event calendar.

With the theme of the festival “Dharmaning Gesing” (the new spirit of heritage) it glorifies bamboo and it’s use. As you all probably know, bamboo (besides coconut)—has a huge role in Balinese life such as religious ceremonies, buildings, etc. In this regard, the usage of bamboo in this 2019 festival was meant to build the awareness of the importance of bamboo in Balinese life and encourage togetherness in protecting the environment.

Enjoy the picture after the jump!


Life of a potter: Sunday Market

From the Sanur Sunday market at the Mertasari beach, here goes my life as a potter. Not only that I am making them ceramics, I have to sell them after firings et cetera. Moments like this, pictured here, is the best moment ever. Inspiration floating, meeting people and feeling happy as they appreciates my creation, my hard work...
Sometimes seeing funny cute little things around me is also inspiring...
My ceramic pieces as displayed here, is very much influenced by the Japanese pottery, the wabi sabi...


Bali Kite Festival 2019

Bali Kite Festival

You must be wondering what kind of festival this is and how exciting this can be?
Well, I am telling you that it is super exciting!  When you combine such fun with Balinese Culture, you will get a whole lot of awesomeness...

The opening is at the biggest ocean front field of Padang Galak, gamelan and musical instrument as well as the kite puller, kite technician, cheerleader, all together supporting their own group. This traditional musical instrument cheering, the supporter making sounds as of to provoke the other group, but still keeping it a friendly competition as they were just joking, sportsmanship and a whole lot of fun to celebrate the dry season, holiday and windy days...

This one event, you should not miss!! Run through Jul-Sept 2019, but who knows where the wind blows? right?


Belayu Tabanan Garden

Celosia is a small genus of edible and ornamental plants in the amaranth family. It's generic name is derived from the ancient Greek word Keleos that means "burning"; it is referred to the flame-like flower heads. The species that you are looking at here are commonly know as wool-flowers / cockscombs. I have grown up to know the name in Dutch as Hanekam. These plants are well known in East Africa’s highlands and are used under their Swahili name, Mfungu.
The Belayu Garden situated in Tabanan regency, Bali has these Celosias grown for this dry season of June-August. I am not sure what type of flowers that the garden will grow on the rainy season. Before the celosias were growing beautifully; there were Sunflowers all over the place.

With IDR 10.000 entrance ticket; you can take instagramable images at this place.

I was just amazed with plants in general and want to take part of experiencing among it.