SSF15 (part two)

Surabaya Shopping Festival is on during the month of  May (May 1-31, 2015) is Surabaya city program with big malls around the city. It is a birthday celebration of Surabaya city, the city is 722 years old. To enliven the city of Surabaya, Surabaya city government in collaboration with major malls in Surabaya offer discounts and other attractive offers. The malls also provides spaces for Batik exhibition, photography and anything cultural/ educational related exposition.
I really enjoyed the shopping part and foodie part! ;)

earrings of the day...

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PS: all images are taken using Samsung Galaxy S3

SSF15 (part one)

Due to working schedule at work and the fact that I have to be physically present at all time; the chance of traveling this year has been very slim for me! I have 2 tickets not issued and one tossed away (one of those promo that you cannot change). This leave me to a condition that you all know what its called... the "weekender". Yes, this is what I am for the moment. I fly out Bali to Surabaya last Friday night and went to SSF 15, it is the Surabaya Shopping Festival 2015!
For the moment I must embrace travelling around weekends... thus that.
better get your privilege card out when shopping ;)


hey... wait a minute, that's my shoes! the perks of having a huge age gap with your sister is when she had a baby and they'll all grown up, you'll get to hang out with them, the downside is that they wanted to use your fashion stuff if it fits them... pfff

photography exhibition, love it!

but first coffee! and breakfast before an intense shopping!

Aren't this Charles and Keith mules' just awesome!

hey wait! Bali, what?


goofing around

coconut satay Ondomohen, yummmm....

Surabaya City Hall... kids were having fun at the background, love it!


The Batik exhibition at Grand City, open for public and free entrance 
*images are copyright of Grand City FB


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PS: images are taken by Ruby my niece with her mobile phone, yeah right, like I had time for photo shot while we did this shopping frenzy!

How I really look like daily...

Wondering how I look like daily? Well... I am very easy going and very easy to ditch the heels for flats or sandals... :D    This image and the next one is taken during an excursion with my besties at Tegalalang Rice Field, Ubud


this one is taken at the orange orchard of Kintamani

Wayan Budiantari is the little girls name, she is tending her Mom fruit stall while we stop by and purchase some mangosteen. Near the orange orchard of Kintamani.


At the Danu cafe, Lake view, coffee break (and high tea) after lunch time 

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Church Outfit

Change of season is the worst! In my case here in Bali, wet season has gone, "welcome dry season"... Why do I complain and telling its worst? Because it can get cold(er) in the night and in the morning. 
So when you woke and change into something warm, don't bother, the next hours will be hot!
Talk about troublesome...
Anyways, this is what I wore to church last time, have a good day folks!

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White sheer

lunch situation ... yumm

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