Jazz Market by the Sea 2016 (The Jazziest)

With this year theme “CLOTHING THE NATION” Jazz Market is always a festival for everyone! Music, culture, culinary, and engaging activities for adults as well as kids!
Jazz market by the Sea is on it’s 6th year! It is one of my favorite jazz scene.

This year the festival runs from Friday 19th to Sunday 21st  August 2016 from 2PM to 11PM each day, at Taman Bhagawan, Tanjung Benoa, Bali. I did the 3rd day, it was awesome and I get to meet my friend Lisa from Lisa Soul band.

Quoted from Jappy Sanger, the Co-Founder "This year we want to bring the Jazz Market goers to experience what is beyond our Indonesian heritage and culture through textiles and fabrics, with dimensions of the past and to this present day. All of this has been clothed and collaborated through Indonesian music culture & jazz."

Enjoy the pictures after the jump

Yogyakarta day two

Here I am back in Jogjakarta again, I must say I kind of have a soft spot for Jogja, day two is to visit Prambanan temple. Do read about the temple story in my old post here. Enjoy the pictures after the jump!

Yogyakarta day one

And so here I am back in Jogjakarta again, on our first day--official first day, I arrived yesterday nite and so did my cousins--we visited Borobudur.

Instagram Worthy

When I started with Instagram, I was hoping to have as many followers as all the other fellow bloggers.

I started trying to gain as many likes as I can by using a lot of hashtags related to my photos. My photos are quiet decent and I am confident I will have quiet a lot of followers. 
I was not! 

And along come an opportunity to test my theory. Because as you might think that I sounds vain and wanted to have Ks or Ms followers; I didn't! I wanted followers that appreciate what I've posted, I follow other ig that follows me and I unfollow the ones that unfollowed me. It's all about respect. At the end of the day, people just double tap and stare at your post as a moment of admiration (moment being right that second) and the ones that stares are actually looking for inspo--pinteresting your Instagram pictures.

Let’s face it, Instagram has about 410 million users and 4 billion likes per day. It is the fastest growing social media channel with the highest engagement rate, even greater than Facebook! And the age range is even wider then Facebook nowadays. We can have multiple accounts, and some people even have multiple email addresses –go figure!
Do you remember my post here about the new algorithm? A ha! Test a like and see how you get engaged in your explore button.

Here are view tips that I actually learned along the way:
1) Make sure you are connected to your SLR, cause honestly, the light meter in an SLR is more sensitive and can handle contrast and low light conditions better than a smartphone. 
2) With smartphone, it has wide angle and everything in focus from foreground to back, but the lighting is very poor specially when it's low light time! So follow the light, I always face wherever light shines brighter!
3) Flat-lay is awesome with your phone, don’t be shy to stage your food, a contrast background might help to make the picture more interesting! If the background is distracting and it is not possible to have the whole setting, no worries! Just zoom / close up the most interesting part! This goes for accessories or any other flat-lay!
4) Now that Instagram is no longer limit you to a square format; go crazy of the format of your image. A landscape is always nice to be pictured as a landscape. Although if you have negative space, do cut them square!
5) Don’t be shy to filter your picture! It all legit! You can always hashtag #hellyeahfilter. The top filter used are Juno, Valencia and Skyline. My fave is Lark –but I rarely.
6) No filter however, is the most popular! #nofilter 
7) Do edit with the app editing for sharpen, brightness, tilt shift (eliminate / blur annoying background)
8) Hashtags, okay.. so some people told me to just limit to 5-10 max. I just can't constraint myself. Although I throw it here and there and try to corporate them into the sentence that I composed for the caption.
9) I rarely use emoji on my caption, but you guys can! And guess what? You can search with emoji's!
10) Last but not least .... do post on the best time!

Feel free to share your experience and let me know what is your best trick! Mine is just doing it as authentic as I would live… 

thank you all for stopping by and viewing the post...