Morning lights vs Golden hour

While testing my already molded camera lens this morning, I choose to take some outfit images with this lens, gosh... as seen the above images up here, the lens is indeed hopeless! 

Versus my current camera lens (after investing in dry cabinet, yes you need one in a humid island such as Bali, here are outfit images during golden hours (sunset):

Moral of the images today: ugly molded lens is hopeless, lack of light is not helping as well... but HAVING FUN is the most important thing of all.... 
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Calm after the storm

Yesterday was a bad cyclone for about one hour down here in Bali. We never had that often but once we have, it could turned out quiet scary. It was like a war zone, debris flying here there, electricity was off, and some tree collapses. Thank God nothing really bad damaging or hurting people (and animal). And today was all nice and sunny as if such of cyclone never happened. :|

I am probably the laziest person to dress up for an invite. Only if its a really exciting get together for a huge venue(such as Christmas, Chinese New Year, etc., then I will think about an outfit. But as far as a simple date, I would just look at my heels and work my way up from there.
How do you pick your outfit you guys? Would love to hear from you all...

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Palm tree

I must say I am quiet happy that we decided to buy palm trees when we move to our house here. Yes, we bought trees! It is mainly because we do not want to spend years watching them growing, we only want to enjoy these trees right then. And now.. it made quiet nice backdrop for my outfit photos. haha...
How did you guys spend your Chinese New Year celebration? I am sure some of you does celebrate the CNY, well... I wish you a prosperous, lucky and happy year of Goat ahead.
Gong Xi Fa Cai.

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Paysanne Other Souls

I have been invited by my dear friend Maria Garcia to the launching of her textiles collection 
"Paysanne Other Souls" do visit the website, my photos here are poor representation of the beautiful fabrics, I can always blame it on the lighting, ha!

[my dress: fabric by Batik Keris, sewn to my pattern]

PAYSANNE creates timeless textiles, these textiles (cotton, cotton voile & silk ) are made with botanical elements and sophisticated ancestral techniques, hand made with local culture and natural materials. The technique is an old technique passed from generations, a continuation of ancestral skills, preserving and transferring their knowledge as cultural heritage thus its sustaining culture. 

 Each piece that is carefully hand made is using botanical processes for color pigmentation and organic farming of fabrics. Using natural dyes that are grown from the earth, free of chemicals, and does not pollute local water supplies, thus it is conserving nature.


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Ray of light

a picture from the nook in the house

recent acquisition... can't wait to style this pair!

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From where I stand...

February is definitely my month, it is my favorite month as always and I hardly travel in February. I like to stay put in Bali on February. Reason is? or reasons are? Well, one is that its the month of my birthday, the month of my wedding anniversary, the month of Valentine (cheeky), the month when almost all of my best friends and family birthdays... so yeah!

Speaking of traveling, finally nailed a holiday with my best friends next month. Will for sure posting it on the blog, for now... this is what I wore on a casual date. ;o)

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Block Printed Cotton

The only thing that I regret when I was in India was not buying enough of Indian cotton with block printed motifs on it! (seen here is my top) I learned from the factory and fabric shops that we visited the earliest areas where block printing developed were located in Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat. The art of block printing began in the 18th century in Rajasthan and the craft has been passed down from generation to generation. The finest contemporary block printing is still found in this area. The main tools of the printer are wooden blocks in different shapes. Each block is hand carved from seasoned teak wood by skilled artisans. The new blocks are soaked in oil for 10-15 days to soften the grain in the timber. 

The fabric on which the block is printed 100% cotton voile. It requires a pre-printing treatment in which the fabric is first washed free of starch. It will then be soft bleached if the natural grey color of the fabric is not desired. The fabric is stretchered over the printing table and fastened with small pins.
The blocks are then dipped in natural dye (from plants and fruits or roots) and imprinted on the fabric. To develop the intricate detail within the design, the process is repeated several times. The printed cotton voile is then put out in the sun for a few days to dry and to cure the dye. Next the fabric is steamed, which fixes the dye and makes it permanent.
[this one image Google]

[watching an example of how the block printing process is -from my trip in Jaipur]

one image of the nook around the house,
my hand cream, my bath gel, and my conditioner

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mind the cut and bruise on my leg as I hash a lot with short shorts and low shocks! ouch!