The Great Gatsby

There is one movie that I simply can't wait to go and see, and that is "The Great Gatsby". You might ask, why? Because its all about the 1920's, of which the style and fashion I ADORE!!!!! Remember my post here? Yes, I love the fashion on that year, not that I was born that year and got to experience it (dugh); but there are lots of freedom & liberation for woman in fashion and clothing -wise!

On this remake of The Great Gatsby (remake from 1970 something with Mia Farrow), you will meet Carey Mulligan’s diamond-clad Daisy Buchanan!

With Tiffany & Co diamonds and gowns loaned by Ashley Olsen, the first film stills from Baz Luhrmann's remake are a feast for the eyes for sure.

It is reported that American jeweler Tiffany & Co is outfitting the cast in one-of-a-kind diamond jewels inspired by its archives, it has now been revealed that Ashley Olsen, one half of the stylish Olsen twins, has loaned her collection of vintage dresses to the film's fashion cause. And if the first pictures of the film are anything to go by, they're adding to a beautiful film wardrobe.

British actress Carey Mulligan, who plays the frivolous Daisy Buchanan, look at these strings of pearls, a diamond head-piece, intricate jewel-encrusted rings and swathes of fur circle Mullligan's face, which is topped with a fringed, boyish bob dyed ash blonde (bob is so 1920's -again freedom, liberation).

here is the Mia Farrow verse from 1970+

need I say more? I can't wait for the release of the movie next holiday 2013!

thanks for reading you all...

Source: Telegraph UK, Google.


  1. I have to watch this movie! Nice blog,keep on posting!;)
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  2. I really like your blog, it's so inspiring! I'm following you now! :)


  3. wow! those are really lovely pieces of jewelry and dresses!


  4. Cannot wait for this movie either. Get your flapper dress and eyeliner at the ready x

  5. thank you all for the lovely comments...

  6. i can't wait for this! I love Baz Lurhmann films!
    Lily Kg
    Also, i've just made a newbeauty blog: come visit!

  7. I knew the diamonds are from Tiffany & Co. but I didn't knew the dresses are Ashley Olsen's collection! It's hard to keep a vintage dress collection, kudos to her for keeping it looking still glamourous :)