1920's Chic

Got some Christmas cards in the mail box today! I still love the old fashion way when people write and stick stamps on an envelope. This one is from my BFF and it is too chic not to post.

get a closer look at the glitters on the card,

I just love the chic hair look, reminds me of the 1920's fashion (not that I have already born on that era... ahahaha...), when the gentlemen are still gentlemen and everyone seems to make a huge effort for their look.

The 1920-1930 were called the Roaring Twenties, The style is a formation of Art Deco style.
Influences and inspirations are from the cinematograph, social revolution, new technology, sport. Fashion designers: Coco Chanel, Madeleine Vionnet, Erte, Lanvin, Jean Patau & Edward Molynex. The era was also a Jazz revolution (I love Jazz). The dances are Charleston, Foxtrot, Tango, Shimmy (can't you tell?)

I got a lot of flappers in my wardrobe, but my take on today, is easy as any other day,

off to pay the bills...

Top by Connexion (matahari dept store)
Short by Roxy
Fedora by 69 Slam
Sunglasses by Marie Claire
Watch by Roxy, limited edition on Rock Food Hossegor Bar 20 Years Aniv (www.rockfoodhossegor.com)
Flip flop by Havaiannas (light heel in blue)