beach culture

I am off to do some chores today and so I opted for a very simple outfit,

In between chores, there is an open opportunity to visit the local shops, and right here I see the need of another necessary items for beach, which is SARONG! you simply got to have a sarong! at least one -that is. in my case, same as the quantity of my bikini, without realizing, I owned a lot of Sarong.

Here are some from my John Hardy sarong collection, they are not for sale but if you work with them or be-friend with them, you might get one during Christmas!

This particular John Hardy Sarong is designed by my hubby, its the Monkey Zodiac (Chinese Zodiac), look how pretty this she-monkey,

and than the Yoga-monkey,

and than, of course the standard one with fringes, the USD6 ones,

and the reason I post about Sarong is this new acquisition-ed one, USD4 with fringe, I just love the color and simply cannot resist to own this one,

And for you readers, I have Google-ed 'how to wear' your sarong,

my top by Conextion
short by 'g'
sunglasses by Roxy
watch by Gc
sandals by Havaiannas


  1. Cool post!

  2. loving all the scarfs!


  3. love this scarfs and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  4. i love this outfit! it's simple but really cute, and the shorts are so cool!
    thanks a lot for the comment! xx

  5. Beautiful photos!

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  6. I think your blog is very sophisticated and chic - that's why I check out every post and am subscribed!


  7. thank you for the lovely comments