Would you Rent The Runway?

Having watched the recent Oscar red carpet, I feel like writing this post. Since you all may know that the celebs are wearing items that are lent to them, I discovered, that in Los Angeles, you can RENT THE RUNWAY although it is NOT for a red carpet event.
With list of designers items, you can be a member of Rent the Runway website that will lend you items that you desires online at the cost of 10% (only) from the retail price.

"Co-founders Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss met as sectionmates at Harvard Business School,
where over frequent girls nights, they became fast friends. During a trip home to New York City, Jenn watched her sister Becky struggle with a ‘closet full of clothes but nothing to wear’ moment. Becky had an upcoming wedding and wanted something gorgeous—Hervé Léger maybe, or Proenza—but her modest salary meant that everything high-end was out of reach. What if, Jenn thought, the Beckys of this world could have access to their dream closet – a new dress for every occasion? And what if designers were able to get their pieces into the hands of young, fashionable womenand build an addiction for designer fashion?
Jenn told Jenny about Becky’s dilemma, and, this being business school, they started creating a company. With a "business plans are a waste of time" mentality, coupled with a series of iterative tests and formative meetings with top designers and retailers, was born in New York City.
It’s a community designed to fill the needs of women just like Jenn, Jenny and Becky—women who know and love high fashion, who want to look glamorous for all their nights out and experiment with new brands without the anxiety of investing in piece after piece. Users benefit from the expertise of professional stylists and the shared wisdom of like-minded fashion-forward members. Through exclusive relationships with top designers, is able to continually update its stock with the latest pieces. And to think: it all started with that age-old complaint: I don’t have anything to wear. Now you do, and you’re going to look amazing!" [from RTR backstory]

How does RTR works? Find out here

What about you? Would you Rent the Runway?

For me...I am an old fashioned, -conservative thinking- kind of gal, so I preferred to own my things although they're not designers labels..... but these stars looking -damn- good in their look last Oscar night

and the comments from Miss Piggy? "they all are copying my look..."
:D  [images of celebs on Oscar's red carpet are googled]


  1. loved Angelina's dress...so gorgeous!!!hated meryl's...:///sorry!!!
    thank you for your lovely comment...your blog is amazing...i 'm following...hope you keep in touch too!!

    a kiss from the

  2. that's great to know about that!

  3. When my eyes first saw your blog a rush of excitement over came me the world went into a glitter fest of love and ghost fairies began to whisper lovely melodies into my ears i went through a lot of your posts each getting better and better I adore your blog keep posting X mercury moonshine dutchess

  4. They all look gorgeous! I love Angelina's dress!


  5. OMG, someone is getting jaleous right here.. ;)