The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Last Mid December 2011, H&M and -The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo- film’s costume designer, Trish Summerville released the collection that is inspired by Lisbeth Salander, the film (and book)’s ass-kicking, crime-solving, computer-hacking female protagonist. Summerville told the daily, “I tried to pick pieces from the film and adapt them to make them a little more fashionable for real-life women.” When asked what she thought Salander would think of “all of this commercialism,” responded with reason, “She’s a character from books. So she doesn’t really have a voice in it.” It’s true.

I just post this because I just watch the American version of this movie with Daniel Craig and personally, I think that Noomi Rapace plays Lisbeth Salander MUCH better than Rooney Mara.
Noomi is simply Fierce and simply 'Lisbeth Salander'

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Stieg Larsson trilogy -Swedish Version- is the only foreign movies that I can't kept my eyes off.
Stieg Larsson was born in Västerbotten in northern Sweden in 1954. At the time of his birth, his parents were too young and too poor to keep him, so he was raised by his grandparents in a small village in the north of Sweden. When Stieg was nine years old, his grandfather died and he moved to live with his parents and his younger brother. Stieg was given a typewriter for his 12th birthday, and he spent most nights of his youth staying up writing, keeping his family awake with the drumming sound. At 18 years of age he met Eva Gabrielsson at an anti-Vietnam War meeting in Umeå. Eva was to become his life long companion. With some short exceptions, mainly due to the fact that Stieg was sometimes too obsessed with his work, they lived together until Stiegs death the 9th November 2004. 

During the last 15 years of his life, he and his life companion Eva Gabrielsson lived under constant threat from right-wing violence. When a labor-union leader was murdered in his home by neo-Nazis in 1999, the police discovered photos of and information about the couple in the murderer's apartment. So it was not without reason that the couple took precautionary measures. They were never seen together outside the house, they moved mirrors in the hall and they always kept the blinds down. Those are just a few examples. Stieg was an expert in the area, and wrote a book of instructions on how journalists should respond to threats for the Swedish Union of Journalists ("Överleva Deadline", 2000).

Writing as a relaxation
The situation created a contrast between Stieg's work at Expo and his night-time novel writing. He regarded his writing of detective novels as relaxing. Keeping track of loose ends, characters and made up conspiracies posedno problem since it was, after all, fiction and no one would threaten either Eva or himself because of it.



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