Arrested by Fashion Police

Last night I watched the Fashion Police and I cannot help but to quote Joan Rivers on these looks, she is so wise in commenting! ha.ha.ha.ha.... Although some of you might think its vulgar, here goes the worst look that I agree upon and the lovely comments from Joan Rivers 54th Grammy award look,

Nicki Minaj showing up with "Pope", honey, what were you thinking?
Joan: "The Little Red Riding Ho..."

Sasha Gradiva,OMG what were you doing? shame on your stylist (if you hire any!)
This is not a premier of The Terminator

Whats with the fringe???
Joan: "Rapunzel...Rapunzel....  let down your armpit..."

Nadia the Russian rapper, repeating last year look with additional white bra on top of her slutty dress,
Joan: "this is like the section of the show -bitch who stole my look"....
Me: What a repeat offender, I mean, if you repeat something stupid, what's that made you?
Kelly: "We should do a section on euro trash..."

But to top that all..... ta da...
NOOOOOO.... its not the worst dress, its the unanimous vote (including mine) on,


okay, ladies up there, a wise words from me "hire a good stylist!"
my nieces looks much fierce than you guys, and they'd only went to the school carnival....
LOVE Vera & Louise

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