Rendezvous: An Artistic Odyssey

Its another exhibition opening of Ponco Setyohadi, and I've edited a short write up about the exhibition, here goes:

Rendezvous is derived from the French Language. Semantically the terms rendezvous in English (as a noun) means ‘an agreed meeting place’.

“An Artistic Odyssey” in this exhibition is “meeting”, to bring the various wandering of ideas, reasoning, intuition, passion and imagination of the artists in an exhibition event. In the exhibition hall, various visual adventure pictured the interactions of each work. Each artist works present themselves to each other, each becoming acquainted with all the aspirations that accompany it.

As a rendezvous (meeting place), this exhibition hall is the game place between inspiration, expression and ideas. The expression of the whole work transformed potentials, each manifest as a moving point that grows by itself.

Join all 30 of us to get valuable experience from our encounter with the diversities and see it as an experience to enter and understand various possibilities….

It was a great night and a great opening full of performances... All work has been displayed beautifully!

thank you all for viewing the post and reading the bits...


  1. I like the top and how it's corresponding with the shoes. Good combination.

  2. awesome!

  3. thank you all for the lovely comments...

  4. I love love love your striped top!! And what a fun looking event :)

    xo Lana