Bali Butterfly Park, Sharma Springs, and Warung Made

Bali Butterfly Park, Sharma Springs, and Warung Made... what a mouthful... hahaha... 
Yes! today is such a hectic day for me....
Starts with Tabanan regency, I had to visit the Bali Butterfly Park as it will be one of the source 
of inspirations for the office. Work related that is fun? hmm... 
What a though job I have, huh? hahaha... LOL
Was a great experience as the place was swarmed with butterflies [and bugs :(  ... ]

what a great camouflage, don't you think?

this one was sitting on an orchid, was so unreal

I thought this one was just a dry leaf... 

Kupu-kupu Barong (giant moth)

Right after office, I have to stop by at the Sharma Springs open house, the introduction of new villa,
and of course to meet some old friends...

this place is just amazing, and very beautiful!

and finally dinner with friends from abroad, Warung Made Seminyak is the option...

great catch up, yummy food and awesome company!

all in all today was a lovely day [and hectic]...
I can't believe i survive the day with one outfit...

thank you all for viewing this post and reading the bits,



  1. Felicitaciones por el post, me he quedado asombrada con la belleza de las mariposas!
    Las fotografías son super ilustrativas, me encantó.
    Te dejo un abrazo, buen fin de semana!

  2. This is gorgeous and creepy at the same time! lol


  3. thank you all for the lovely comments...