The secret is not so secret anymore

beach time....

This time the beach is called the 'Secret Beach', I drove with my bff to this secret spot, but upon arrival there was a lot of people with their vehicle driving the same direction as we are and without hesitation.

Located near Uluwatu temple, the beach is relatively unknown. It is in a fisherman village of Kutuh, south of Kuta resident. Nowadays, the Secret beach is known as 'Pandawa beach', when you arrive the area, you will find (on your left side) carvings of statues in a human-made cave. The statues are Pandawa. In the Hindu epic Mahabharata, the Pandawa are the five acknowledged sons of Pandu (from two wives Kunti & Madri). Their names are Yudhistira, Bima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadewa. All five brothers were married to the same woman, Drupadi (each brother also had multiple other wives). Together, the brothers fought and prevailed in a great war against their cousins the Kurawas, known as battle of Kurukshetra.

The name Pandawa for the beach is because the beach is mostly visited for Melasti ceremony. The main natural resource of the place is seaweed.

thank you for viewing this post and reading the bits! I enjoyed the beach very much....

Meanwhile, I can't wait for the release of this book in Bali (out in the U.S. 4 June 2013),

the devil returns,

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  1. Beautiful photos and excited for the book!!
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  2. Wow the landscapes are gorgeous ! Beautiful pictures :)


  3. The landscape is lovely! Lovely pictures!

  4. this looks like an amazing place! also your orange bikini is quite stunning, enjoy your days!!

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  7. More Devil wears Prada yay! Beautiful beading at your hem, the beach looks great!

  8. Beautiful pictures ! I also can't wait for this book !


  9. lovely photos,cant wait to read the book
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  12. Hi there! Thanks for dropping by my blog and for commenting. It's so glad to meet someone from Bali here in blogger. I really love your place! We visited last October and stayed in Kuta too. Is that the beach besides the Uluwatu temple? It sounds right to be called secret because we have no idea on how to get there. We only saw the vast water from atop but we don't know how it really looks like. So cool! :D I actually blogged about our Bali escape and I'm hoping we'll be able to come back soon. :D

    Take care. Feel free to visit my blog again. :)

  13. nice views !! very beautiful