No corners, no side

Call this as behind the theme of my “Manifested Meal” dinner set! So this task that was given to us, is to create 9 course dinner set that will display both the food and the ceramic pieces that each of “Culinary Clay” participants are making (in conjunction to Ubud Food Festival and Moksa restaurant special event with renown Chef Made Runatha).

I had several ideas in mind for the dinner set, and upon working on it, I stray away from the initial idea and just come to 1 (one) motif that described me most! A dot!

A dot, personally for me is a beginning, a start! If you are to draw a line, you start with a dot. Anything you draw if you have to dissect, is actually a group of tiny dots. How strong can a dot be?

I love the rounded shape of a dot; there is no corner, no side. Aside from its rounded shape, it is widely used in mathematics, music, graphics, designs –as basic unit of a composition, communication –as Morse code, symbols, ... et cetera. Such in life, dot is round, round is beautiful, rounded is perfect, rounded is whole.

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  1. Omg! It's so beautiful!
    Great post!!!

  2. wow, this is nice, it looks really good

  3. Lovely pics!
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    Gil Zetbase

  4. Amazing in black

  5. thank you all for the lovely comments...