precious metals

I sometimes envy the people who can wear accessories made out of common metal and not precious metal! Why? Because I have allergies towards anything that are mixed with nickel and cobalt. I can have a rash or a wheal on the spot where I put on the accessories. It is difficult to tell the difference between nickel and cobalt allergies because they are found in everything together. I was diagnosed with this allergy, and my dermatologist tell me that I should try to avoid metal at all times. Sometimes I scratch so much on the rash that it create a bacterial infection on my skin.

The only thing I can wear are plastic jewelry, wood, stainless steel, platinum, titanium, silver or  gold jewels that do not contain nickel.

I did coat the metals items with layers of clear nail polish, I am sure you all done that if you have the same problem, but I really CAN'T be bothered! sometimes the coating is off after a certain amount of time so I cannot have the piece kept contact to my skin.

Today is a fine example of an old bracelet I bought in 2009 in Accessorize, look what it did to my skin!

forgive me for the gross image...


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  1. That's too bad! It is a very nice bracelet though ;)