Beach culture

Sun, Sea, Sand, Beach!

Living in Bali and owning only 1 pair of bikini is a curse! You'll never have enough, you have to have more, here are mine as of today (some are still wet -hanging outside), and I still have my eyes open for more...

set by Rip Curl

set by My Body

bikini bottom by H&M 

bikini bottom by Rip Curl

bikini top by H&M

set by Lasona (veryyyyy old one! my fave one! only use them for massage by the pool / by the beach)

 set by Body & Soul

tankini by Target Australia
{very handy for when I am bloating.....}

set by My Body

set by Rip Curl

bikini top by Body & Soul

the bikini body I adore, Marilyn Monroe (before she turns blonde)

I don't have the body anymore for 2 piece bikini since I put on 8kg body weight (or fat weight), but I don't care, I just want to enjoy life and as far as I am concerned, people can look away! ahahaha... :D


  1. Hot curvy girls like Marylin are such an inspiration :)
    thx for ur comment on my blog, im following urs!

  2. These are cute photos! The swim wear were gorgeous!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  3. Wow, Marilyn´s bikini is so cute :)