Pre-Christmas celebration with John Hardy Bali Inc.

RE-USE! Yes, I am proud to say that I re-use my party dresses. You can do it too! Just remember where you wear it and the crowd you were first wearing it, and than make sure that you  don't have the same crowd the second time around! So, the dress is new the second or third time you wear it! If there is only one or a couple of person were in the first crowd, it doesn't matter 'cause she --not a he unless your boobs are showing off-- wont even remember or she probably not gonna tell all about it out loud! Of course accessories like belt, etc. make a difference too. take a chance! re-use!

Dress by Body&Soul
Skinny Belt by Body&Soul
Wedges by Charles & Keith
Clutch (not in pic) by Batik Keris

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