The Island Life...

Living on thee island with resorts where these places are used for  relaxation, recreation and almost seemingly holiday everyday -creates a certain look to the people living on the island!
Of course aside from the resort-y look that some people aiming, its bloody hell hot to simply go in your jeans, shirt, plus jacket. You tend to minimize the look and try to be effortless. 
The dress code is just SIMPLE here, if you even try to dress up, you will look OFF and oddly placed in the scene...

Here goes my today's look for my part-time job (yes. no shoes required!)

of course, than you can always continue to have a dip in the pool,

or swim in the sea, where the beach is minutes away,

my day-to-day accessories detailed as pic,
i created both bracelets and made to order the charms, LIVE Life, LOVE Life!

my ring for today is from Janice Girardi collection, love the days I worked there, 

and of course here come the flip flop, Havaiannas Light Heel in Blue

Top by Body & Soul
Short by GAP
Clutch from Hema (Netherland) w/o the brooch


  1. I love the color of your Havaianas !
    They're so chic !

  2. thank you Michelle... it enhance height as well, although only a 'lil bit... plus the light heel lessen the slap-bang look(hihihihi)