"Men thin away to insignificance and oblivion quite as often by not making the most of good spirits when they have them as by lacking good spirits when they are indispensable. Gabriel lately, for the first time since his prostration by misfortune, had been independent in thought and vigorous in action to a marked extent-conditions which, powerless without an opportunity as an opportunity without them is barren, would have given him a sure lift upwards when the favorable conjunction should have occurred. But this incurable loitering beside Bathsheba Everdene stole his time ruinously. The spring tides were going by without floating him off, and the neap might soon come which could not.” ~~Thomas Hardy, Far from the Madding Crowd

Thomas Hardy was introduced to me by an English Literature lecturer --my mom. Among all those beautiful word stringing writers, he's my favorite! This write up is unrelated, it's...  just.

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